50 Years of Theater: A Retrospective

An issue of: Theater

50 Years of Theater
Journal Issue Pages: 120 Volume 50, Number 1 Published: February 2020 An issue of Theater
This special issue celebrates the fiftieth anniversary of Theater by reflecting on the journal’s editorial accomplishments. With reflections from Tom Sellar, the current editor, and Gordon Rogoff, a founding editor, this anniversary edition honors Theater’s tradition of speculation on change an altered society. It includes a section of excerpts from its archives in which contributors offered a vision for the future. A photo dossier considers the art of photographing live performance and theater productions, and a forum of reflections from past editors considers how the journal has simultaneously served as a training organ for the emerging editors and writers who comprise the editorial staff.

Contributors: Amiri Baraka, Julian Beck, Rustom Bharucha, David Bruin, Robert Brustein, Ashley Chang, Una Chaudhuri, Tucker Culbertson, Thomas F. DeFrantz, Annie Dorsen, Erik Ehn, Dario Fo Forced Entertainment, Miriam Felton-Dansky, Ren Frutkin, Jacob Gallagher-Ross, Evan Hill, Joan Holden, Tony Kushner, Michael Kustow, M. Lamar, David Levine, Sodja Zupanc Lotker, Judith Malina, Teresa Marrero, Jean McMillan, Ryan McNamara, Joseph Roach, Gordon Rogoff. Tom Sellar, Ariel Sibert, Caridad Svich, Naomi Wallace, Mac Wellman


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