Current Authors - Manuscript Preparation Guidelines

Preparing Your Manuscript for Publication

Once your book has undergone a thorough review process and has been approved by our Editorial Advisory Board, the final materials for your project can be transmitted along to our Production department. The materials that you must submit to reach this stage include a final manuscript formatted in accordance to the Duke University Press guidelines, production-quality artwork (if the book will contain artwork, figures, or maps), and any permissions necessary for publishing the text or images included in your book.

The following documents provide guidance for formatting and organizing your final manuscript. For more specific questions, please contact your acquisition editor or their assistant.

Manuscript Preparation Guidelines

This document includes detailed instructions on formatting your manuscript and organizing materials for final submission.

Manuscript Submission Checklist
This checklist must be completed and submitted with the final manuscript files.

Citation Examples

This document includes a list of citation examples that follow the Chicago Manual of Style’s notes and bibliography system and author-date system.

Abstracts & Keywords Overview

This document explains the purpose of providing abstracts and keywords for your book and offers guidance for writing them.

Abstracts & Keywords Template

This template is where you provide an abstract and a handful of keywords both for your book as a whole and for each chapter.

Guidelines for Preparing Edited Volumes

This document offers detailed guidance for editors as they work with contributors to finalize the edited volumes.