Publishing with Duke University Press



Duke University Press is known for bold, original, and rigorous scholarly work that crosses disciplines and opens up new areas of inquiry. Geared towards engaged readers in academia and beyond, Duke books run the gamut from trade titles suited to a general readership to complex scholarly works intended for use by specialists and in graduate-level courses. We are fortunate enough to work with scholars at the very top of their fields as well as those forging new paths within and across disciplines.

The Press has strong lists across the humanities and social sciences, including anthropology, history, race and ethnicity, gender and sexuality studies, American studies, African and African American studies, Asian and Asian American studies, Latin American and Latinx studies, Native and indigenous studies, science and technology studies, cultural studies, media studies, art, music, social and political theory, and religion, among others. Our editors also have a particular interest in emerging scholarly conversations around subjects such as disability, affect, decoloniality, oceans, animals, and the Anthropocene. Duke Univeristy Press also has over forty active series, ranging from Perverse Modernities, which explores how the mutual implication of race, colonialism, and sexuality has been rendered perverse within the logics of modernity, to Thought in the Act, which ties philosophical thinking to pragmatic practices in various domains, to the World Readers series, which puts forth collected volumes that introduce the history, culture, and politics of countries, cities, and regions around the world. 

Design and Production

Duke University Press authors can expect the careful attention devoted to their projects during the editorial stage to continue as the book transitions into the production phase. Our project editors are all experienced in project management and accustomed to engaging with projects that tackle complex subjects and necessitate a nuanced design. They keep authors informed about what to expect in each stage of the production schedule, from copyediting to indexing.

Our designers are another highly valued part of the Duke University Press design and production team. With decades of experience and training, our designers are able to put their creative ingenuity to work on everything from novel translations to ethnographies to theoretical texts. Duke University Press books have won numerous awards for their interior and cover designs, and over 60 of our books have been recognized in the Association of University Presses Book, Jacket, and Journal Show.

Marketing and Publicity

The Duke University Press marketing team tailors review lists, advertisements, and awards nominations to each and every book the Press publishes. From helping organize events at local bookstores to mailing out postcards, our marketing team is dedicated to using their time and creativity to spread the word about DUP’s latest publications. In addition to reviews in scholarly journals, Duke books have been reviewed in The New York Times Book Review, Publishers Weekly, The New Yorker, and The London Review of Books. Our books are also distributed internationally, and the Duke University Press booth is a regular and prominent feature at dozens of scholarly conferences.

Every year Duke University Press books have the honor of being recognized with awards from a wide array of academic societies. In the past decade alone, Duke University Press books have been awarded the Ruth Benedict Prize from the Association for Queer Anthropology seven times and the Clifford Geertz Prize from the Society for the Anthropology of Religion section of AAA, the Gregory Bateson Book Prize from the Society for Cultural Anthropology, and the William Sanders Scarborough prize from the Modern Language Association each three times. Other prizes awarded to our books in just the past few years include the Katherine Singer Kovacs Book Award and the Anne Friedberg Innovative Scholarship Award from the Society for Cinema and Media Studies, the Gloria Anzaldúa Prize and the Whaley Prize from the National Women’s Studies Association, the Lambda Literary Award for an LGBT anthology, the Alan Merriam Prize from the Society for Ethnomusicology, and the Michelle Rosaldo Book Prize from the Association for Feminist Anthropology, among numerous others. For more information on the awards Duke University Press books have won, please see our awards page.