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We regret that in the ongoing efforts to mitigate the spread of the COVID-19 virus, we will be unable to meet with you at the ASA annual conference. We want to highlight new titles that were scheduled to be featured in our booth and hope you will browse the catalog which appears below.

A special 48 hour screening of the documentary film Making Sweet Tea, featuring E. Patrick Johnson, is part of the ASA's 2020 Freedom Courses.

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The Black Shoals: Offshore Formations of Black and Native Studies

Tiffany Lethabo King
Winner of the 2020 Lora Romero First Book Publication Prize

Aesthetics of Excess: The Art and Politics of Black and Latina Embodiment

Jillian Hernandez

Liquor Store Theater

Maya Stovall

Wild Things: The Disorder of Desire

Jack Halberstam

The Sense of Brown

José Esteban Muñoz
Edited and with an Introduction by Joshua Chambers-Letson and Tavia Nyong'o

Infamous Bodies: Early Black Women’s Celebrity and the Afterlives of Rights

Samantha Pinto

The Meaning of Soul: Black Music and Resilience since the 1960s

Emily J. Lordi

Latinx Art: Artists, Markets, and Politics

Arlene Dávila

Manufacturing Celebrity: Latino Paparazzi and Women Reporters in Hollywood

Vanessa Diaz
View the conversation with Vanessa Diaz

Poor Queer Studies: Confronting Elitism in the University

Matt Brim

The Ocean in the School: Pacific Islander Students Transforming Their University

Rick Bonus

The Licit Life of Capitalism: US Oil in Equatorial Guinea

Hannah Appel

Militarized Global Apartheid

Catherine Besteman

Policing, Justice, and the Radical Imagination

Amy Chazkel, Monica Kim, and Naomi Paik, special issue editors
A special issue of Radical History Review #137

The Cry of the Senses: Listening to Latinx and Caribbean Poetics

Ren Ellis Neyra

History 4° Celsius: Search for a Method in the Age of the Anthropocene

Ian Baucom

Porkopolis: American Animality, Standardized Life, and the Factory Farm

Alex Blanchette
View the In Conversation video for Porkopolis.

Writing in Space, 1973–2019

Lorraine O'Grady

Parenting Empires: Class, Whiteness, and the Moral Economy of Privilege in Latin America

Ana Yolanda Ramos-Zayas

Dub: Finding Ceremony

Alexis Pauline Gumbs

AIDS and the Distribution of Crises

Jih-Fei Cheng, Alexandra Juhasz, and Nishant Shahani, editors

Radical Care

Hi'iliei Hobart and Tamara Kneese, special issue editors
A special issue of Social Text 38:1

Influx and Efflux: Writing Up with Walt Whitman

Jane Bennett

Unseeing Empire: Photography, Representation, South Asian America

Bakirathi Mani

Sensory Experiments: Psychophysics, Race, and the Aesthetics of Feeling

Erica Fretwell

Sentient Flesh: Thinking in Disorder, Poiesis in Black

R. A. Judy

The Lonely Letters

Ashon T. Crawley

Abstract Barrios: The Crises of Latinx Visibility in Cities

Johana Londoño

Virtual Pedophilia: Sex Offender Profiling and U.S. Security Culture

Gillian Harkins

Information Activism: A Queer History of Lesbian Media Technologies

Cait McKinney
View the In Conversation video for Information Activism.

Race and Performance after Repetition:

Soyica Diggs Colbert, Douglas A. Jones Jr., and Shane Vogel, editors
View the In Conversation video for Race and Performance after Repetition

Otherwise Worlds: Against Settler Colonialism and Anti-Blackness

Tiffany Lethabo King, Jenell Navarro, and Andrea Smith, editors

Relative Races: Genealogies of Interracial Kinship in Nineteenth-Century America

Brigitte Fielder

For a Pragmatics of the Useless

Erin Manning

Black Diamond Queens: African American Women and Rock and Roll

Maureen Mahon

Are You Entertained? Black Popular Culture in the Twenty-First Century

Simone C. Drake and Dwan Henderson Simmons, editors

Photographic Returns: Racial Justice and the Time of Photography

Shawn Michelle Smith

AFRICOBRA: Experimental Art toward a School of Thought

Wadsworth A. Jarrell

Listen but Don't Ask Question: Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar across the TransPacific

Kevin Fellezs

The Black Shoals: Offshore Formations of Black and Native Studies

Tiffany Lethabo King