Journal Article or Excerpt Reuse Requests

For inquiries relating to Duke UP chapters, please provide the following details:

Duke UP journal details:

  • Journal title
  • Journal volume, issue
  • Publication year
  • Article title
  • Article author 
  • Full page range of article

Note: if the request is for an excerpt, include the excerpted pages as well.

Your request details:

  • Your name
  • Publisher
  • Publisher contact (must be staff; project editor or project manager)
  • Publisher full address (including VAT, as applicable)
  • Publisher reference ID number
  • Volume title (including edition #)
  • Editor (or author)
  • Est. publication date
  • Language
  • Volume page count (approximate)
  • Print run
  • Rights sought (world, print, etc.)
  • Pricing

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