DUP as a publishing partner

DUP as a Publishing Partner

About Our Journals Publishing Program

Duke University Press combines the university press's commitment to making scholarly research available as widely as possible at a reasonable cost with the knowledge of a commercial enterprise. Our experienced and enthusiastic staff ensures mutual understanding and the commitment to developing a strong and long-lasting publishing relationship. In our experience, it takes time, commitment, and thoughtful communication to develop a publishing partnership that works well for the journal sponsors, the journal editors and editorial staff, and the publisher. We are valued by our society sponsors, editors, contributors, and readers—as well as by the academic library community worldwide—for our famously high standards of editorial and production quality and customer service, and we take pride in maintaining those standards. As a nonprofit university press and a department of Duke University, we are proud of our mission to make scholarly research available as widely as possible through reasonable cost options.

With the publishing industry (including large nonprofit publishers) emphasizing speed and ever-increasing financial return, our commitment to achieving the highest level of publication standards positions Duke University Press uniquely among academic publishers. We offer superior publishing services with the high standards, flexibility, and personal attention that are trademarks of the best US university presses. We combine these traditional qualities with the commercial know-how and economies of scale that come from publishing over fifty journals.

Get to know more about how we work with editorial offices to produce and sell beautifully designed, easy-to-read, and readily available journals. The video includes interviews with some of our editors, as well as interviews with Duke University Press staff.


Publishing at Duke University Press

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To speak with us about establishing a publishing partnership, please contact Erich Staib, Senior Editor, at erich.staib@dukeupress.edu or provide your information using the request form. We look forward to hearing from you.