American Literature 84:4

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American Literature 84:4
Journal Issue Pages: 236 Volume 84, Number 4 Published: December 2012 An issue of American Literature


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Shadows of Mashantucket: William Apess and the Representation of Pequot Place - Mark Rifkin

Obeah’s Sensations: Rethinking Religion at the Transnational Turn - Toni Wall Jaudon

Harriet Jacobs among the Militants: Transformations in Abolition’s Public Sphere, 1859–61 - Caleb Smith

“Some Queer Freak of Taste”: Gender, Authorship, and the “Rock Me to Sleep” Controversy - Jennifer Putzi

Comparative Racialization, Immigration Law, and James Williams’s Life and Adventures - Edlie Wong

Cosmopolis: Don DeLillo’s Melancholy Political Ecology - Nicole M. Merola


Into the Breach: Poetics in Post-Millennial Poetry Criticism - Michael Davidson


A New Literary History of America. Ed. Greil MarcusWerner Sollors - Tom Ferraro

Style, Gender, and Fantasy in Nineteenth-Century American Women’s Writing by Dorri Beam / Radical Spiritual Motherhood: Autobiography and Empowerment in Nineteenth-Century African American Women By Rosetta R. Haynes / Antebellum American Women Writers and the Road: American Mobilities by Susan L. Roberson - Shirley Samuels

The Grand Chorus of Complaint: Authors and the Business Ethics of American Publishing by Michael J. Everton / Reading and Disorder in Antebellum America by David M. Stewart - Ronald J. Zboray

Minority Reports: Identity and Social Knowledge in Nineteenth-Century American Literature by Michael Borgstrom / Loyal Subjects: Bonds of Nation, Race, and Allegiance in Nineteenth-Century America by Elizabeth Duquette / Remapping Citizenship and the Nation in African-American Literature by Stephen Knadler - James Salazar

Freud Upside Down: African American Literature and Psychoanalytic Culture by Badia Sahar Ahad / Images of Black Modernism: Verbal and Visual Strategies of the Harlem Renaissance by Miriam Thaggert. Amherst - Lindsey Andrews

Melting-Pot Modernism by Sarah Wilson / Late Modernism: Art, Culture, and Politics in Cold War America by Robert Genter - Jeff Allred

Writing Celebrity: Stein, Fitzgerald, and the Modern(ist) Art of Self-Fashioning by Timothy W. Galow / Modernism Is the Literature of Celebrity by Jonathan Goldman - Colbey Emmerson Reid

Troublemakers: Power, Representation, and the Fiction of the Mass Worker by William Scott / American Socialist Triptych: The Literary-Political Work of Charlotte Perkins Gilman, Upton Sinclair, and W. E. B. DuBois by Mark W. Van Wienen - Alan Wald

Seeing Fictions in Film: The Epistemology of Movies by George M. Wilson / Dark Borders: Film Noir and American Citizenship by Jonathan Auerbach - Sam B. Girgus

The Souls of Mixed Folk: Race, Politics, and Aesthetics in the New Millennium by Michelle Elam / The Postwar African American Novel: Protest and Discontent, 1945–1950 by Stephanie Brown / If We Must Die: From Bigger Thomas to Biggie Smalls by Aimé J. Ellis - Keith D. Leonard

Reconstituting Americans: Liberal Multiculturalism and Identity Difference in Post-1960s Literature by Megan Obourn / identity complex: Making the Case for Multiplicity by Michael Hames-García - Cara Fabre

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