An Other Tongue

Nation and Ethnicity in the Linguistic Borderlands

An Other Tongue

Book Pages: 312 Illustrations: Published: July 1994

American Studies, Chicanx and Latinx Studies, Linguistics

As our millennium draws to a close, we find ourselves in the midst of great and rapid global changes with nations and political systems dissolving all around us and the world becoming one of shifting identities--of peoples unified and divided by such distinctions as nationality, ethnicity, race, religion, and colonial status. The articulation and construction of these distinctions, the very language of difference, is the subject of An Other Tongue. This collection of essays by a group of distinguished scholars, including Norma Alarcón, Gayatri Spivak, Tzvetan Todorov, and Gerald Vizenor, explores the interconnections between language and identity.
The Chicanos, the U.S./Mexico borderland polyglots whose sense of history, nationality, and race is as mixed as their language, are the book's prime example. But the authors recognize that border zones, like diasporas and post-colonial relations, occur globally, and their discussion of hybrid or mestizo identities ranges from the United States to the Caribbean to South Asia to Ireland. Drawing on personal experience, readings of poetry and fiction, and cultural theory, the authors detail the politics of being human through the mediation of language. What does "shadow" mean to the Native American Indian, or diaspora to the East Indian immigrant? How does British colonialism yet affect Irish and Indian nationalist literary production? Why is the split between Eastern and Western European language use necessarily schizophrenic? So much of our sense of difference today is constructed as we speak, and An Other Tongue speaks with eloquence to this phenomenon and will be of great interest to those concerned with the discourse of post-colonial studies, critical theory, and the remapping of world literature.

Contributors. Norma Alarcón, Alfred Arteaga, Juan Bruce-Novoa, Cordelia Chávez Candelaria, Michael G. Cooke, Edmundo Desnoes, Eugene C. Eoyang, David Lloyd, Lydie Moudileno, Jean-Luc Nancy, Tejaswini Niranjana, Ada Savin, Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak, Michael Smith, Tzvetan Todorov, Luis A. Torres, Gerald Vizenor


"The essays in this volume are well-written, powerfully argued, and provocative critical introductions to issues such as nation and national languages and heteroglossia and interlingualism. With its focus on multilingualism in the U. S., the Caribbean, India, and Ireland, the volume is essential reading for those interested in the remapping of World Literature." — José David Saldívar, University of California, Santa Cruz


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Alfred Arteaga, Assistant Professor of English at the University of California, Berkeley, is the author of Cantos, a book of poetry.

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Acknowledgments ix

Introduction: The Here, the Now / Alfred Artega 1

An Other Tongue / Alfred Artega 9

Colonialism and the Politics of Translation / Tejaswini Niranjana 35

Adulteration and the Nation: Monologic Nationalism and the Colonial Hybrid / David Lloyd 53

Seeing with Another I: Our Search for Other Worlds / Eugene C. Eoyang 93

Cut Throat Sun / Jean-Luc Nancy 113

Conjugating Subjects: The Heteroglossia of Essence and Resistance / Norma Alarcon 125

The Ruins of Representation: Shadow Survivance and the Literature of Dominance / Gerald Vizenor 139

A Rhetoric of Obliquity in African and Caribbean Women Writers / Michael G. Cooke 169

Differance and the Discourse of "Community" in Writings by and about the Ethnic Other(s) / Cordelia Chavez Candelaria 185

Dialogism and Schizophrenia / Tzvetan Todorov 203

Bilingualism and Dialogism: Another Reading of Lorna Dee Cervantes's Poetry / Ada Savin 215

Dialogical Strategies, Monological Goals: Chicano Literature / Bruce-Novoa 225

Bilingualism as Satire in Nineteenth-Century Chicano Poetry / Luis A. Torres 247

Nacer en Espagnol / Edmundo Desnoes 263

Bonding in Difference / Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak 273

Contributors 287

Index 291
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