Archives of Asian Art 65:1-2

An issue of: Archives of Asian Art

Archives of Asian Art 65:1-2
Journal Issue Volume 65, Number 1-2 Published: 2015 An issue of Archives of Asian Art
This issue features essays about Lang Jingshan’s landscape photography in its historical and political contexts; the development of the landscape handscroll in East Asia through a study of The Illustrated Life of Ippen; painted palm-leaf manuscripts in medieval South Asia; the Sino-Tibetan hybrid architecture of the Miaoyinsi Buddhist temple; the history of the Tang tracing copy of Ritual to Pray for Good Harvest; and the Qing imperial appropriation of the sacred mountain range of Wutai Shan. Contributors include Aurelia Campbell, Wen-shing Chou, Martin Kern, Jinah Kim, Mia Yinxing Liu, and Jerome Silbergeld.


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