Art Works: Part 1

An issue of: GLQ

Art Works
Journal Issue Pages: 192 Volume 12, Number 2 Published: 2006 An issue of GLQ
Special Issue Editor(s): David Román, Richard Meyer
Art Works, Parts 1 and 2 address how art, theater, performance, film, and visual culture have reshaped the established terms of gender and sexuality and contributed to fashioning a queer world. Bringing together work from both the visual and the performing arts, each collection showcases cutting-edge research on a wide range of queer artists, media, and sexual subcultures. The contributors to these issues—scholars in art history, visual culture, theater and performance studies, and film and media studies—approach art not as a reflection of history but as a creative response to it, a response that imagines alternative forms of social, sexual, and creative life.

Arguing for the primacy of the arts in queer life, the contributors show how art and performance can constitute a form of critical theorizing rather than simply an illustration of it. In different ways, each author demonstrates how art works to invigorate queer critique. The first issue includes a special dossier on AIDS activist film and video, marking the twenty-fifth year of the AIDS pandemic, and essays on late-nineteenth-century male nudes, lesbian surrealism, homoerotic photography in the Deep South, and the transnational, transgender contexts of the Pulitzer Prize–winning play I Am My Own Wife. Essays in the second issue focus on a series of queer case studies, including gay power graphics and psychedelia, female duets on the Broadway stage, Keith Haring and racial politics, British Vogue in the 1920s, and lesbian-feminist magazines of the 1970s. The issue concludes with a dossier of three shorter pieces on queer art and performance: an interview with the Chicano drag street performer Robert Legoretta (“Cyclona”), an essay on blogs and the Five Lesbian Brothers, and a discussion of a rarely exhibited work about cruising and public space by the contemporary artist Glenn Ligon.

Contributors. Deborah Bright, Jill Dolan, Jens Giersdorf, Jason Goldman, Scott Herring, Lucas Hilderbrand, Alexandra Juhasz, Tirza Latimer, Glenn Ligon, Richard Meyer, Rachel Middleman, Ricardo Montez, Erica Rand, Christopher Reed, David Román, Jennifer Flores Sternad, Margo Hobbs Thompson, Stacy Wolf


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1. Introduction–Richard Meyer And David Román

2. Why Does Charlotte Von Mahlsdorf Curtsy? Representations Of National Queerness In A Transvestite Hero–Jens Richard Giersdorf

3. Entre Nous: Between Claude Cahun And Marcel Moore–Tirza True Latimer

4. Caravaggio’s Rednecks–Scott Herring

5. “The Golden Age Of Gay Porn”: Nostalgia And The Photography Of Wilhelm Von Gloeden–Jason Goldman

6. Queer Plymouth–Deborah Bright And Erica Rand

7. The GLQ Archive: Aids Cluster: Twenty-Five Years, 1981–2006

8. Remembering Aids: A Reconsideration Of The Film Longtime Companion–David Román

9. Retroactivism–Lucas Hilderbrand

10. Video Remains: Nostalgia, Technology,

And Queer Archive Activism–Alexandra Juhasz

Books In Brief

11. Women With Mustaches And Men Without Beards: Gender And Sexual Anxieties Of Iranian Modernity by Afsaneh Najmabadi–Targol Mesbah

12. No Future: Queer Theory And The Death Drive by Lee Edelman–Carla Freccero

13. Modernism’s Masculine Subjects: Matisse, The New York School, And Post-Painterly Abstraction by Marcia Brennan–Frazer Ward

14. New Queer Cinema: A Critical Reader edited By Michele Aaron–Amy Villarejo

15. Curiouser: On The Queerness Of Children edited By Steven Bruhm And Natasha Hurley–Daniel Marshall

16. On Sexuality And Power by Alan Sinfield–Ashley Tellis

17. About The Contributors

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ISBN Paperback: 978-0-8223-6651-5