Binocular Vision: Narrative and Metaphor in Medicine

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Binocular Vision
Journal Issue Pages: 208 Volume 44, Number 3 Published: Fall 2011 An issue of Genre
Special Issue Editor: Michael Hanne


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The Binocular Vision Project: An Introduction-Michael Hanne

Depth Perception- Catherine Belling

After Sontag: Reclaiming Metaphor-Martha Stoddard Holmes

A Short Long Story: Mapping the Course of Pain- Marilyn McEntyre

Narratives and Metaphors of the Middle- Shirley Brice Heath

Narratives, Metaphors, and the Clinical Relationship Abraham Fuks, Martin Kreiswirth,

Donald Boudreau,and Tabitha Sparks

“Why Is Any of This Important to Me Anyway?”: Some Thoughts from a Doctor-Poet- Glenn Colquhoun

The Chief Concern of Medicine: Narrative, Phronesis, and the History of Present Illness- Ronald Schleifer and Jerry Vannatta

At the “Heart of the Matter”: Understanding the Importance of Emotion-Focused Metaphors in Patient Illness Narratives-Lynne Angus and

Jeffery Scott Mio

The Machine-Body as Contested Metaphor in Clinical Care- Cheryl Mattingly

Survival of the Depressed: The Discourse of Darwinian Psychiatry- Scott L. Montgomery

The Two-Eyed Cyclops: Metaphor and Narrative in American Medical Research Policy-George J. Annas

Metaphor, Narrative, and the Promotion of Public Health- Janine Talley

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