Series Detail

Comparative and International Working-Class History

Series editor(s):

Andrew Gordon, Alexander Keyssar, Daniel James


Over the past twenty years, the field of working-class history has grown to become one of the most active and sophisticated areas of study within the discipline of history today. Comparative and International Working-Class History will encourage students and scholars of the history of labor in a particular world area to understand the comparative and international importance of their topic. The series will publish three specific types of books:  explicitly comparative single-author works, collections of previously unpublished articles that examine problems from a comparative perspective, and monographs that deal with one part of the world and are framed in explicitly comparative terms. The series seeks to become the preeminent home for studies in working-class history that are attuned to recent advances in gender, discourse, and cultural studies, as well as those that are sensitive to work now being carried out in political science, industrial relations, and institutional economics.

This series is no longer active and we are not seeking submissions.