Camera Obscura 26:2 (77)

An issue of: Camera Obscura

Camera Obscura 26:2 (77)
Journal Issue Pages: 152 Volume 26, Number 2 Number: 77 Published: Fall 2011 An issue of Camera Obscura


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Putting Things to the Test: Reconsidering Portrait of Jason -Irene Gustafson

Panting in the Dark: The Ambivalence of Air in Cinema -Kevin L. Ferguson

The Politics of Third Way TV: Supernanny and the Commercialization of Public Service TV - Karen Orr Vered and John McConchie

Shampoo: Editing, Advertising, and Codes of Modesty on Saudi Arabian Television -Noor Al-Qasimi

An Editing Room of One's Own: Vidding as Women's Work - Francesca Coppa

How to Suppress Women's Remix - Francesca Coppa and Rebecca Tushnet

Scholarly Critiques and Critiques of Scholarship: The Uses of Remix Video - Kristina Busse and Alexis Lothian

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