Care in Translation: Care-ful Research in Medical Settings

An issue of: East Asian Science, Technology and Society

Care in Translation
Journal Issue Pages: 192 Volume 14, Number 1 Published: March 2020 An issue of East Asian Science, Technology and Society
This special issue investigates what “care” is, becomes, and brings in its wake in health care settings across Asia—and what stories we might tell about this process. The contributors highlight different styles of research relevant to science and technology studies, anthropology, and feminist studies. They trace the production and consequences of care through techno-scientific mediations and thereby situate various ways of sense-making, political economies, historical trajectories, and public imaginaries of care.

Contributors: Warwick Anderson, Catelijne Coopmans, Jenna Grant, Jung-Ok Ha, Christine Hauskeller, Mathangi Krishnamurthy, Chen-I Kuan, Karen M. McNamara, Priscilla Song, Azumi Tsuge, Andrea Whittaker, Chia-Ling Wu, Chaoxiong Zhang


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