Category Crossings: Bruno Latour and Medieval Modes of Existence

An issue of: Romanic Review

Category Crossings
Journal Issue Pages: 208 Volume 111, Number 1 Published: May 2020 An issue of Romanic Review
Special Issue Editor(s): Marilynn Desmond, Noah D. Guynn
Bruno Latour’s philosophical project has long been conceived as a critique of modernity, starting with enlightenment dualisms (e.g., nature/culture, words/things, sacred/secular) and extending to the cyber age’s promise of unmediated access to knowledge (what Latour calls “Double Click”). Contributors to this special issue consider the relevance of this critique for the study of the medieval premodern and ask how Latour’s call for a renewal of metaphysics—and for a diplomatic encounter between the various modes of existence—might be used to defamiliarize modern intellectual habits.

Contributors: Anke Bernau, Emma Campbell, Marilynn Desmond, Mary Franklin-Brown, Jane Gilbert, Miranda Griffin, Noah D. Guynn, Graham Harman, Catherine Keen, Luke Sunderland


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