Cavell′s "Music Decomposed" at 40

An issue of: Journal of Music Theory

Journal Issue Pages: 144 Volume 54, Number 1 Published: Spring 2011 An issue of Journal of Music Theory


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1. Introduction–Brian Kane

2. Dear Stanley–Dmitri Tymoczko

3. Music Recomposed: Remarks on the History of the Same–Lawrence Kramer

4. Stanley Cavell on Modern Music: "Music Discomposed" and "A Matter of Meaning It" after Forty Years–Franklin Cox

5. Fraudulence and the Gift Economy of Music–Eric Drott

6. Philosophy Recomposed: Stanley Cavell and the Critique of New Music–Amy Bauer

7. You're There and You're Not There: Musical Borrowing and Cavell's "Way"–Richard Beaudoin

8. Cavell and Deleuze–Michael Gallope

9. "We Look Away and Leap Around": Music, Ethics, and the Transcendental in Cavell and Adorno–Stephen Decatur Smith

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