Changing Pacific Forests

Historical Perspectives on the Pacific Basin Forest Economy

Changing Pacific Forests

Book Pages: 235 Illustrations: Published: September 1992

Asian Studies, Environmental Studies

Changing Pacific Forests examines the forest-related economy of the Pacific Basin—including Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, China, and the Philippines—from a historical perspective.
Drawing on a 1991 conference sponsored by the Forest History Society and the International Union of Forestry Research Organizations held in Honolulu, these papers address a range of topics related to the changing Pacific forests, including the remnants of colonialism, the emergence of the Third World, people and resources caught in the middle of policy decisions, land management, national forests, and subsistence use of the forest by indigenous peoples. Essays also explore macroeconomic theories of international trade and the interests of the United States and the former Soviet Union in the economic health of the region. Changing Pacific Forests will be of interest to scholars of the economy and environment of the Pacific Basin as well as of land management and the history of land use in general.

Contributors. Charles S. Backman, Thomas R. Cox, John Dargavel, Elizabeth Flint, Lim Hin Fui, G. R. Henning, Kenneth E. Jackson, Hiroaki Kakizawa, Nicholas K. Menzies, Andrew Price, John F. Richards, Jr., M. M. Roche, I. Gustin M. Tantra, Conrad Totman, Richard P. Tucker, Thomas R. Waggener



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John Dargavel is Senior Research Fellow at the Australian National University.

Richard P. Tucker is Professor of History at Oakland University.

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Introduction/ John Dargavel and Richard Tucker v

Incorporating National Forests Into the New Pacific Economic Order: Porcesses and Consequences/ John Dargavel 1

Forest Products Trade in Pre-industrial Japan/ Conrad D. Totman 19

The Pacific Northwest Lumber Trade and Japan, 1989-1914/ Grayden R. Henning 25

US-Soviet Roles in Pacific Rim Softwood Log Trade: The Japanese Market as the Competitive Link/ Thomas R. Waggener and Charles S. Backman 33

The Current State of Forest Management and Industry in the Soviet Far East and the Japanese-Soviet Timber Trade/ Hiroaki Kakizawa 49

Sources of Demand and Cycles of Logging in Pre-modern China/ Nicholas K. Menzies 64

Aboriginal Communities and the International Trade in Non-Timber Forest Products: The Case of Peninsular Malaysia/ Lim Him Fui 77

Contrasting Patterns of Shorea Exploitation in India and Malaysia in the 19th and 20th Centuries/ Elizabeeth P. Flint and John F. Richards 89

Managing Subsistnece Use of the Forest: The Philippine Bureau of Forestry, 1904-60/ Richard P. Tucker 105

The Evolution of Hawaiin Forestry: The Web of Influences/ Thomas R. Cox 116

Forest Policy and Trade: The New Zealand Experience/ Kenneth E. Jackson 126

Privatizing the Exotic Forest Estate: The New Zealand Experience/ Michael M. Roche 139

Conversion Factors 155

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