Changing Tropical Forests

Historical Perspectives on Today’s Challenges in Central and South America

Changing Tropical Forests

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Environmental Studies

Changing Tropical Forests begins with an overview of the history of deforestation in tropical America and the tasks facing Latin American environmental historians. Based on proceedings of a 1991 conference sponsored by the Forest History Society and IUFRO Forest History Group in Costa Rica, the contributors offer detailed accounts of the enivornmental history of specific forest conditions, grasslands, and changing ecosystems of Costa Rica, Mexico, Surinam, and Brazil. the role of human intervention in this process of change is also discussed.

Contributors. William Balée, James R. Barborak, Peter Boomgaard, Larissa V. Brown, Gerardo Budowski, John Dargavel, Warren Dean, Silvia del Amo R., Elizabeth Graham, J. Régis Guillaumon, Rhena Hoffmann, Sally P. Horn, Sebastião Kengen, Herman W. Konrad, Mary Pamela Lehmann, Robert D. Leier, Murdo J. MacLeod, M. Patricia Marchak, Elinor G. K. Melville, David M. Pendergast, Susan M. Pierce, Leslie E. Sponsel, Richard P. Tucker, Terry West



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Richard P. Tucker is Adjunct Associate Professor of Environmental History at the University of Michigan.

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Introduction / Harold K. Steen vii

Keynote Addresses

Perceptions of Deforestation in Tropical Areas: The Last 50 Years / Gerardo Budowski 1

The Tasks of Latin American Environmental History / Warren Dean 5

Section I: Central America

Microfossils and Forest History in Costa Rica / Sally P. Horn 16

Exploitation of Natural Resources in Colonial Central America: Indian and Spanish Approaches / Murdo J. MacLeod 31

Environmental History of La Selva Biological Station: How Colonization and Deforestation of Sarapiqui Canton, Costa Rica, Have Altered the Ecological Content of the Station / Susan M. Pierce 40

Deforestation and Changing Land-Use Patterns in Costa Rica / Mary Pamela Lehmann 58

Perspectives on Educational Programs and Policies Underlying Natural Resources Development in the Canton of Coto Brus: A Case Study of a Rural Costa Rican Community / Robert D. Leier 77

History of Protected Areas and Their Management in Central America / James R. Barborak 93

Section II: Mexico

Maya Urbanism and Ecological Change / Elizabeth Graham and David M. Pendergast 102

La Importancia Ecologica Y Economica De Las Tecnologias Tradicionales En La Agri- Y Silvicultura En Areas De Bosque Tropical Humedo En Mexico / Rhena Hoffmann 110

Tropical Forest Policy and Practice During the Mexican Porfiriato, 1876–1910 / Herman W. Konrad 123

The Long-Term Effects of the Introduction of Sheep into Semi-Arid Sub-Tropical Regions / Elinor G. K. Melville 144

Problems of Forest Conservation: A Feasible Mechanism for Biodiversity Conservation / Silvia del Amo R 154

Section III: Brazil and Amazonia

Urban Growth, Economic Expansion, and Deforestation in Late Colonial Rio de Janeiro / Larissa V. Brown 165

Forest Management in Brazil: A Historical Perspective / Sebastião Kengen 176

Indigenous History and Amazonian Biodiversity / William Balée 185

Como El Hombre Se Aposó De La Tierra Indígena En El "Pontal Do Paranapanema" En El Estado De "São Paulo" / J. Régis Guillaumon 198

Promise and Performance of Industrial Plantations in Two Regions of Australia and Brazil / John Dargavel and Sebastião Kengen 217

The Environmental History of Amazonia: Natural and Human Disturbances, and the Ecological Transition / Leslie E. Sponsel 233

Section IV: Timber Extraction and Forestry Since Colonial Times

Exploitation and Management of the Surinam Forests 1600–1975 / Peter Boomgaard 252

Foreign Investors, Timber Extraction, and Forest Depletion in Central America Before 1941 / Richard P. Tucker 265

USDA Forest Service Involvement in Post World War II International Forestry / Terry West 277

Latin America and the Creation of a Global Forest Industry / M. Patricia Marchak 292

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