Citizen Science: Practices and Problems

An issue of: East Asian Science, Technology and Society

Citizen Science
Journal Issue Pages: 184 Volume 13, Number 2 Published: June 2019 An issue of East Asian Science, Technology and Society
Existing studies on citizen science focus primarily on the different approaches or methods of practice. This special issue emphasizes the different conception of citizen and citizenship in how we think about citizen science. We believe that this move can help us contextualize the ideas and practices of citizen science in the diverse sociopolitical conditions found in East Asia and beyond. The special issue explores the varied meanings and politics within different kinds of citizen science with an introduction, six research papers, a conversation between practitioners, and a critical review.

Contributors: Sulfikar Amir, Patricia Balbon, Liz Barry, Lillian A. Black, Francesca Bray, Shun-Ling Chen, Wen-Tsong Chiou, Simon A. Cole, Fa-ti Fan, Michael M. J. Fischer, Danielle B. Griffin, Chia-Liang Kao, Jieun Lee, Shi Lin Loh, Ashley Rose Mehlenbacher, Michelle Murphy, Matt Price, Chiaki Shirai, Sungsoo Song, Thorsten Trimpop, Wen-Ling Tu, Jeremy Vetter


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