Comparative Literature 63:3

An issue of: Comparative Literature

Comparative Literature 63:3
Journal Issue Pages: 116 Volume 63, Number 3 Published: Summer 2011 An issue of Comparative Literature


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“Invaded by the World”: Passion, Passivity, and the Object of Desire in Petrarch's Rime sparse-Ross Knecht

Born in Translation: Mikhail Chulkov and Charlotte Summers-Rimma Garn

Who Needs Poetry? Baudelaire, Benjamin, and the Modernity of “Le Cygne”-Kevin Newmark

The Uneven Development of the Bildungsroman: D'Arcy McNickle and Native American Modernity-Enrique Lima

Reconsidering Anti-Semitism and White Slavery in Contemporary Historical Fiction about Argentina-Claire Solomon

Book Reviews

The Wound and the Witness: The Rhetoric of Torture-Brooke Holmes

Greek Tragedy in Vergil's Aeneid: Ritual, Empire, and Intertext-Leah Kronenberg

Misplaced Objects: Migrating Collections and Recollections in Europe and the Americas -Monika Kaup

Riding the Black Ram: Law, Literature, and Gender-Peter Goodrich

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