Contemporary German and Austrian Cinema: New Prospects

An issue of: New German Critique

Contemporary German and Austrian Cinema
Journal Issue Pages: 236 Volume 46, Number 3 Number: 138 Published: November 2019 An issue of New German Critique
This special issue presents new and original analyses of contemporary films and filmmakers from Germany and Austria. The essays include interpretations of major prizewinning works by leading Berlin School filmmakers Maren Ade and Valeska Grisebach; examinations of the work of young filmmakers, including Julian Radlmaier and Max Linz; and studies of more established ones, such as Nikolaus Geyrhalter, Ulrich Seidl, and Dominik Graf.

Contributors: Laura Frahm, Jörn Glasenapp, Olivia Landry, Codruta Morari, Fatima Naqvi, Volker Pantenburg, Brad Prager, Eric Rentschler, Anne Roehrborn


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