Critical Thinking and the Academic Study of Religion

Critical Thinking and the Academic Study of Religion

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Pedagogy and Higher Education, Religious Studies

Originally Published by Scholars Press
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This work responds to a renewed emphasis on teaching in the academy. Written from the perspective of a classroom teacher, it is a practical application of the principles behind the critical thinking movement to the study of religion. Emphasizing that the acquisition of critical thinking depends less on what is taught than on how it is taught, the author presents concrete examples from his own experience to illustrate a student-centered approach to teaching. By demonstrating how the study of religion contributes to the development of critical thinking—through the acquistion of problem-solving, decision-making, and metacognitive skills—Penaskovic suggests its value to a broader liberal arts curriculum as well. Both a theoretical view of critical thinking and a nuts-and-bolts manual on how it can be used and assessed in the classroom, this work will challenge new and veteran teachers alike to reexamine and renew what the do in the classroom.


“This is a book that readers are likely to keep on their shelves for reference. . . . Because it offers so many diverse examples and suggestions, it will be useful in a wide range of situations . . . because it gives readers confidence in their ability to generate solutions, it will be a stimulant to their professional growth.” — Denise Larnder Carmody


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