Cultural Politics 11:1

An issue of: Cultural Politics

Cultural Politics 11:1
Journal Issue Pages: 148 Volume 11, Number 1 Published: March 2015 An issue of Cultural Politics
Mike Gane - The Cultural Logics of Neoliberalism: Baudrillard’s Account
Bülent Diken - Political Spirituality: The Devils, Possession, and Truth-Telling
Arnold Mesches - American Uncanny
Douglas Kellner - The Media, Democracy, and Spectacle: Some Critical Reflections
Christina Larocco - “Participatory Drama”: The New Left, the Vietnam War, and the Emergence of Performance Studies
David Segarra - Life in Gaza
Ryan Bishop - Smart Dust and Remote Sensing: The Political Subject in Autonomous Systems Phil Graham, Michael Dezuanni, Andy Arthurs, and Greg Hearn - A Deweyan Experience Economy for Higher Education: The Case of the
John Armitage and Joy Garnett - Vespertine
Nathan Van Camp - Next Exit: Drift Culture (Review of Exits to the Posthuman Future, by Kroker Arthur
Jane Ursula Harris - Dark Pageantries (Review of Pleading in the Blood: The Art and Performances of Ron Athey, edited by Johnson Dominic)


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