Cultural Politics 8:1

An issue of: Cultural Politics

Cultural Politics 8:1
Journal Issue Pages: 176 Volume 8, Number 1 Published: March 2012 An issue of Cultural Politics


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The Dark Side of the Spectacle: Terror in Norway and the UK Riots–DOUGLAS KELLNER

February 13, 2008, or The Baleful Enchantments of an Apology–IAN BUCHANAN

Celebration: A World of Appearances–PAUL VIRILIO Interviewed by SACHA GOLDMAN

Baudrillard Seriously: The Joys of Misprision–FRANCOIS CUSSET

An Introduction to Muqaddimah–MURATCEMMENGUC and DOMINIC MCGILL

Still Fighting “the Beast”: Guerrilla Television and the Limits of YouTube–WILLIAM MERRIN

Remember the Nineties? Turbo-Folk as the Vanishing Mediator of Nationalism–UROS CVORO

"Passing Everybody and Never Halting": Dromos and Speed in Jack Kerouac’s On the Road–EFTYCHIA MIKELLI

Book Reviews

The Mechanics of the Liberatory Promise: A Review of Joss Hands’s

@ Is for Activism–INGRID HOOFD

Narcissism in the Age of Technology–KOSTAS MARONITIS

Bats, Bombs,and Toxic Waste in America’s Purloined Landscape ROB BULLARD

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