Cultural Politics 8:2

An issue of: Cultural Politics

Cultural Politics 8:2
Journal Issue Pages: 192 Volume 8, Number 2 Published: July 2012 An issue of Cultural Politics


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Bernhard J. Dotzler

Programmed Violence: On the Object of Media Studies

Rob Wilson

Masters of Adaptation: Paul Bowles, the Beats, and “Fellaheen Orientalism”

Daniel Vukovich

China as Humanist Exemplum

Huang Zhuoyue

The Competition of Two Discourses: The Making of a New Ideology in China

G. Roger Denson

A Time to Gather Stones: Nomadism after War in Susanne Slavick's Out of Rubble

Special Section on Fertility Travel

Charlotte Kroløkke, Karen A. Foss, and Saumya Pant

Fertility Travel: The Commodification of Human Reproduction: Charlotte Kroløkke, Karen A. Foss, and Saumya Pant, Guest Editors

Marcia C. Inhorn

Reproductive Exile in Global Dubai: South Asian Stories

Charlotte Kroløkke

From India with Love: Troublesome Citizens of Fertility Travel

Susanne Lundin

“I Want a Baby; Don't Stop Me from Being a Mother”: An Ethnographic Study on Fertility Tourism and Egg Trade

Book Review Essay

Nicholas Gamso

Three Works on the Politics and Possibilities of Hip-Hop Now

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