Developments in Russian Politics 9

Developments in Russian Politics 9

Book Pages: 280 Illustrations: 18 illustrations Published: March 2019

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In Developments in Russian Politics 9 an international team of experts provides a clearly written and comprehensive account of the country's most recent developments, offering critical discussions of key areas in contemporary domestic and foreign Russian politics. All essays are either new or comprehensively rewritten for this volume and examine topics ranging from executive leadership, political parties, and elections to newer issues of national identity, protest, and Russia and greater Eurasia. They also address the military, parliamentary politics, the economy, social inequality, and media and political communication in the digital age. Reflecting the changing nature of Russian politics in a globalizing world defined by ever-shifting balances of power and Russia’s rising tensions with the West, Developments in Russian Politics remains the best introduction to the politics of the world's largest nation. 

Contributors. Samuel Charap, Valentina Feklyunina, Henry E. Hale, Philip Hanson, Kathryn Hendley, Marlene Laruelle, Ellen Mickiewicz, Ben Noble, Thomas F. Remington, Bettina Renz, Ora John Reuter, Graeme Robertson, Richard Sakwa, Darrell Slider, Stephen White, John P. Willerton


Praise for previous editions

“This book is the most useful compendium for teaching contemporary Russian politics currently on the market.”—P. Rutland, Choice — P. Rutland, Choice

Praise for previous editions

“Superbly researched and exceedingly well written. . . . This is a very timely and useful collection suitable for beginners and advanced scholars.” — Diana Digol, Europe-Asia Studies

Praise for previous editions

“[Like] its predecessors, [this volume] provides a clear and up-to-date overview of the politics of Russia. . . . The chapters in this book manage to convey the complexity and uncertainty of the current situation in Russia.” — Mike Bowker, Democratization

Praise for previous editions

“A must-have for all those interested in contemporary Russia. . . . Each of the book's . . . chapters provides a treasure trove of current data.” — John Murray, Political Studies

"Developments in Russian Politics 9 is a first-rate edited volume for its intended purpose. . . It is a valuable text for all instructors teaching Russian politics." — Danielle N. Lussier, Russian Review

“With Russia’s return to great power status under Vladimir Putin, it is more important than ever that students and specialists alike have a comprehensive and nuanced understanding of the country’s institutions, social processes, domestic challenges, and foreign policies. This thoroughly updated edition of Developments in Russian Politics provides just that, and in a readable and succinct format.” — Charles E. Ziegler, author of The History of Russia


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Richard Sakwa is Professor of Russian and European Politics at the University of Kent. 

Henry E. Hale is Professor of Political Science and International Affairs at George Washington University. 

Stephen White is Emeritus Professor and former James Bryce Professor of Politics at the University of Glasgow.

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List of Figures and Tables  ix
Preface  x
Notes on Contributors  xii
List of Abbreviations  xvi
1. Politics in Russia / Richard Sakwa  1
2.Presidency and Executive / John P. Willerton  18
3. Political Parties / Ora John Reuter  38
4. Parliamentary Politics in Russia / Ben Noble  54
5. National Identity and the Contested Nation / Marlene Laruelle  67
7. Protest, Civil Society and Informal Politics / Graeme B. Robertson  80
8. Russia, Media, and Audiences / Ellen Mickiewicz  94
9. Assessing the Rule of Law in Russia / Kathryn Hendley  108
10. A Federal State? / Darrell Slider  119
11. Managing the Economy / Philip Hanson  133
12. Inequality and Social Policy in Russia / Thomas F. Remington  150
13. Russian Foreign Policy / Valentina Feklyunina  165
14. Security, the Military, and Politics / Bettina Renz  180
15. Russia and Its Neighbours / Samuel Charap  192
16. The Continuing Evolution of Russia's Political System / Henry E. Hale  205
Guide to Further Reading  217
Glossary  223
References  224
Index  242
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