differences 23:2

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differences 23:2
Journal Issue Pages: 180 Volume 23, Number 2 Published: Summer 2012 An issue of differences


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Rethinking Sexual Difference and Kinship in Juliet Mitchell’s Psychoanalysis and Feminism– Judith Butler

The Injured World: Intersex and the Phenomenology of Feeling– Iain Morland

Freud’s Australia– Kathleen Frederickson

Dirty Commerce: Art Work and Sex Work since the 1970s– Julia Bryan-Wilson

Blindness and Animality, or Learning How to Live Finally in Clarice Lispector’s The Passion according to G. H.– Irving Goh

Against the Period– Joshua Kates


Still Turning: Language, “Theory,” and History’s Fascination with the New– Sylvia Schafer

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