Dominant Powers and Subordinate States

The United States in Latin America and the Soviet Union in Eastern Europe

Dominant Powers and Subordinate States

Book Pages: 520 Illustrations: Published: August 1986

Politics > International Relations

In comparing how the two superpowers exercise their persuasive control over their respective spheres, this book presents collective evidence toward the startling conclusion that this dominance, as it has been practiced, is no longer in the national interest of either the United States or the USSR.



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Preface ix

Acknowledgments xiii

Introduction: About This Volume / Jan F. Triska 1

Part I. History of the Two Regions

1. Historical Complexity / Jeffrey L. Hughes 25

2. Historical Overview and Comparative Analysis / Robert Wesson 47

3. Economic Change and State Development / James R. Kurth 85

Part II. Concepts and Theories

4. Dominant-Subordinate Relationships: How Shall We Define Them? How Do We Compare Them? / David B. Abernathy 103

5. On Influence and Spheres of Influence / Paul Keal 124

6. Sphere-of-Interest Behavior: A Literature Search and Methodological Reflections / Gabriel A. Almond 145

7. On Bargaining / Jeffrey L. Hughes 168

Part III. Dominant Powers

8. The Dominant Powers and Their Strategies / David D. Finley 201

9. The Logics of Hegemony: The United States as a Superpower in Central America / Terry Karl and Richard R. Fagen 218

10. The Military as an Instrument of Influence and Control / Condoleezza Rice 239

11. Military Interventions: Doctrines, Motives, Goals, and Outcomes / Jiri Valenta 261

Part IV. Subordinate States

12. The Subordinate States and Their Strategies / Paul M. Johnson 285

13. Capitalist Dependency and Socialist Dependency: The Case of Cuba / Robert A. Packenham 310

14. The Politics of Dependence in Poland and Mexico / Jeffrey L. Hughes 342

Part V. Evolution of Spheres of Influence

15. Costs of Domination, Benefits of Subordination / Paul Marer and Kazimierz Z. Poznanski 371

16. Dominant Powers and Subordinate Regions: 1914 and Today / Richard Ned Lebow 400

17. The Future of Dominant-Subordinate Systems / Michael I. Handel 423

Summary and Conclusion / Jan F. Triska 440

Sources 471

Index 499

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