Domination and Cultural Resistance

Authority and Power Among an Andean People

Domination and Cultural Resistance

Book Pages: 334 Illustrations: Published: August 1988

Anthropology > Cultural Anthropology, Latin American Studies > Andes

Domination and Cultural Resistance examines the social life of the Yura, a Quechua-speaking Andean ethnic group of central Bolivia, and focuses especially on their indigenous authorities, the kuraqkuna or elders. Combining ethnohistorical research with contemporary fieldwork, Roger Neil Rasnake traces the evolution of leadership roles within the changing composition of the native Andean social groupings, the ayllus—from the consolidation of pre-Hispanic Aymara polities, through the pressures of the Spanish colonial regime and the increasing fragmentation of the republican era, to the present.



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Illustrations vii

Acknowledgments ix

Introduction I

I. The Cultural Traditionalism of the Andean World 4

Part I. The Yura Social Order and the Kuraqkuna 23

2. Yura: Environment and People 25

3. Social Organization and the Ayllu 49

4. The Kuraqkuna of Yura Today 65

Part II. Indigenous Authorities of the Past 93

5. Invasion and Adaptation to the Colonial System 95

6. Transformations of the Kurakaship: From Kurakas to Kuraqkuna 130

Part III. The Kuraqkuna and the Construction of the Yura Symbolic World 167

7. Festivals of the Kuraqkana 173

8. The Festival of Reyes 183

9. The Symbolic World of the Kuraqkuna: The Staff of Authority 210

10. A Symbolic Dialogue: The Spirit World, Carnaval, and the State 231

11. Conclusion: Symbolic Power and Cultural Resistance 260

Notes 277

References 293

Index 313
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