East Asian Science, Technology and Society 5:4: Subject Issue on Rice Science, Rice Technology, and Rice Societies: Materiality in Research, Knowledge, and Practice in Asia′s Main Food Crop, Part 2

An issue of: East Asian Science, Technology and Society

East Asian Science, Technology and Society 5:4
Journal Issue Pages: 172 Volume 5, Number 4 Published: 2011 An issue of East Asian Science, Technology and Society
Special Issue Editor(s): Harro Maat, Dominic Glover


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Introduction-Harro Maat and Dominic Glover

Negotiating Technical and Ideological Standards for Agroecological Rice Production in Emerging Markets: The Case of Cambodia -Hart N. Feuer

Technologies of Quality: The Role of the Chinese State in Guiding the Market for Rice- Amy Zader

Rethinking the Green Revolution in South China: Technological Materialities and Human-Environment Relations- Gonçalo Santos

Restricted Voices in the New Zealand GM Debate: An Analysis of New Zealand Metropolitan Newspaper Coverage (1998 to February 2002- Douglas Ashwell

An Anatomical Chart of South Korean Science and Technology in the 1960s: Their Relationships with Political Power- Geun Bae Kim

Broadening the Horizons of STS: An Interview with Donald MacKenzie- Ruey-Chyi Hwang, Zheng-Feng Li, and Chih-Tung Huang

Field Report: Professionals, Students, and Activists in Taiwan Mobilize for an Unprecedented Collective-Action Lawsuit against a Former Top American Electronics Company- Hsin-Hsing Chen

Taiwan's Antinuclear Movement in the Wake of the Fukushima Disaster, Viewed from an STS Perspective- Dung-sheng Chen

Book Reviews

Alexander Bay

SEIZŌ YAMASHITA 山下政三, Ōgai Mori rintarō to kakkefunsō 鴎外森林太郎と脚気紛争 [Mori Ōgai and the Beriberi Dispute] Tokyo Nihon hyōronsha, 2008. 472pp. ¥4,700.00.

Sung-khun Kim

KAWAHARA HIDEKI 川原秀城 Chōsen Sūgakushi: Shūshigakutekina tenkai to sono shūen 朝鮮数学史: 朱子学的な展開とその終焉 [The History of Choseon Mathematics: Development Based on Neo-Confucianism and Its End] Tokyo: University of Tokyo Press, 2010. vii +339 pp. ¥6,800.

OGINO MIHO 荻野美穂, “Kazoku keikaku” e no michi: Kindai Nihon no seishoku o meguru seiji 「家族計画」への道:近代日本の生殖をめぐる政治 [The Road to “Family Planning”: Politics over Reproduction in Modern Japan] Tokyo Iwanami Shoten, 2008. xvi +362 pp. ¥3,400.

Yu-ling Huang

GREENHALGH SUSAN, Just One Child: Science and Policy in Deng's China Berkeley: University of California Press, 2008. xxii +403 pp. $55.00 (hardcover); $26.95 (paper)

Cai Ping

HUIFANG HU 胡惠芳, Huaihe zhongxiayou diqu huanjing biandong yu shehui kongzhi 淮河中下游地區環境變動與社會控制, 1912–1949 [Environmental Change and Social Control in the Huai River Basin, 1912–1949] Hefei: Anhui renmin chubanshe, 2008 308 pp.

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