East Asian Science, Technology and Society 6:2

An issue of: East Asian Science, Technology and Society

East Asian Science, Technology and Society 6:2
Journal Issue Pages: 152 Volume 6, Number 2 Published: 2012 An issue of East Asian Science, Technology and Society


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Confucian Scientific Identity: Qian Daxin's (1728–1804) Ambivalence toward Western Learning and Its Adherents 

Ori Sela

Network Building in the Innovation Journey: How Chinese Science Institutes Jump on the Nanotech Bandwagon 

Ricky C. Leung

Disappearing Anger: Fujisawa Shigeru's Psychological Experiments on Aborigines in the Late Colonial Period

Yu-chuan Wu

Engaging Asia: A Forum on the History of Science and Technology: Suzanne Moon and Carla Nappi, Corresponding Editors 


Suzanne Moon

Disengaging from “Asia”

Carla Nappi

Only Connect: Comparative, National, and Global History as Frameworks for the History of Science and Technology in Asia

Francesca Bray

Dangerous, Disruptive, or Irrelevant? History (of Technology) as an Acquired Taste in Asia 

Gregory Clancey

The Global Turn in the History of Science 

Fa-ti Fan

The Relationship between Science and Technology in Korea from the 1960s to the Present Day: A Historical and Reflective Perspective 

Sungook Hong

Cultures of Fear: Technonationalism and the Postcolonial Responsibilities of STS

Projit Bihari Mukharji

Academic Awards for Two EASTS articles by Li Cho-ying and by Kuo Wen-Hua 

Book Reviews

RODDEY REID, Globalizing Tobacco Control: Anti-smoking Campaigns in California, France, and Japan

Carol Benedict

CATHERINE DESPEUX, ed., Médecine, Religion et Société dans la Chine médiévale

Florence Bretelle-Establet

MIWAO MATSUMOTO, 松本三和夫, Tekunosaiensu Risuku to Shakaigaku: Kagaku-shakaigaku no aratana tenkai テクノサイエンス・リスクと社会学:科学社会学の新たな展開 [The Social Risks of Technoscience].

Koichi Mikami

ANGELA KI CHE LEUNG Leprosy in China: A History

Shao-Hua Liu

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