Ecology of the Body

Styles of Behavior in Human Life

Ecology of the Body

Book Pages: 355 Illustrations: Published: August 1987

Author: Joseph Lyons

Theory and Philosophy

Ecology of the Body presents an argument for describing our behavior in accordance with the ways we experience our bodies. Increasingly, psychologists are recognizing that human beings show great diversity in the ways they perform the vast repertoire of human behaviors—such as perceiving, reasoning, remembering, forgetting—that we may well possess not simply different levels of "intelligence" but also different forms of it in varying combinations, just as we show differing degrees of emotion, goal-directed activity, and creativity. Lyons puts forward a hypothesis in which he argues for the utility of understanding these differences as stylistic variations that are inseparable from our physical experience of ourselves.



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Preface ix
Part One. Behavioral Styles: A Hypothesis
1. On History and Method 3
2. Three Styles of Behavior 45
Part Two. Applying the Hypothesis to Topics in Psychology
3. Thinking, Learning, and Teaching 95
4. Remembering Language 133
5. Varieties of Individual Development 167
6. Forming the Body 209
Part Three. Applying the Hypothesis to Issues of Culture
7. Somatic Style and Art 243
8. Society and the Great Ecto Dream 275
Notes 313
Bibliography 321
Name Index 331
Subject Index 335
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