Edward Said: A Memorial Issue

An issue of: Social Text

Edward Said
Journal Issue Pages: 156 Volume 24, Number 2 Number: 87 Published: 2006 An issue of Social Text
Special Issue Editor(s): Ella Shohat, Gyan Prakash, Patrick Deer
Through his work as a scholar, as a critic, and as a political commentator, Edward Said asked insistently: Who speaks? For what and whom? How does an intellectual articulate his or her place in the West? Or in the developing world? What is the specific contribution and intervention to be made by the intellectual? This Social Text special issue in memory of Said examines how he challenged established authority and identity with these questions and shaped a culture of criticism.


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1. Introduction, Edward Said: A Memorial Issue–Patrick Deer, Gyan Prakash, and Ella Shohat

2. Orientalism and the Open Horizon of Secular Criticism–Stathis Gourgouris

3. “What Would Said Say?” Reflections on Tradition, Imperialism, and Globalism–Sura P. Rath

4. Edward Said, Reuben Sachs, and Victorian Zionism–Iveta Jusová and Dan Reyes

5. Edward Said: “The Last Jewish Intellectual”: On Identity, Alterity, and the Politics of Memory–Gil Z. Hochberg

6. The Interference of al-Andalus: Spain, Islam, and the West–Hishaam D. Aidi

7. The Filipina’s Breast: Savagery, Docility, and the Erotics of the American Empire–Nerissa S. Balce

8. The Recourses of Necessity: Repetition, Secular Mourning, and Edward Said’s Inventories of Late Return–Ana Dopico

9. Edward Said’s Lieux de Mémoire: Out of Place and the Politics of Autobiography–Ioana Luca

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ISBN Paperback: 978-0-8223-6655-3