Ethnohistory 59:3

An issue of: Ethnohistory

Ethnohistory 59:3
Journal Issue Pages: 236 Volume 59, Number 3 Published: Summer 2012 An issue of Ethnohistory


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ASE Address 2011: An Ethnohistory of Things: Or, How to Treat California's Canastromania– Daniel Usner

“It Provd But Temporary, & Short Lived”: Pequot Affiliation in the First Great Awakening– Linford D. Fisher

One Hundred Sixty-One Knots, Two Plates, and One Emperor: Creek Information Networks in the Era of the Yamasee War– Alejandra Dubcovsky

Fire Rock: Navajo Prohibitions against Gambling– Maureen T. Schwarz

Lakes, Canoes, and the Aquatic Communities of Xochimilco and Chalco, New Spain– Richard Conway

Three Families: Genealogies and Processes among the Sixteenth-Century Kaqchikel Maya– Robert M. Hill II

A New Look at Q'enqo as a Model of Inka Visual Representation, Reproduction, and Spatial Structure– Jessica Joyce Christie


Neil L. Whitehead (1956–2012)– Pete Sigal

Review Essay

The Fog of Violence in Latin America: Structured Disorder in a Neoliberal World– James H. McDonald

Book Reviews

Alexandra Harmon, Rich Indians: Native People and the Problem of Wealth in American History– Brian Hosmer

Colleen E. Boyd and Coll Thrush, Phantom Past, Indigenous Presence: Native Ghosts in North American Culture and History– Robin Ridington

Cathleen D. Cahill, Federal Fathers and Mothers: A Social History of the United States Indian Service, 1869–1933– Adrea Lawrence

Laurence M. Hauptman, The Tonawanda Senecas' Heroic Battle against Removal: Conservative Activist Indians– John P. Bowes

Erik R. Seeman, The Wendat-Huron Feast of the Dead: Indian-European Encounters in Early North America– Kathryn Magee Labelle

W. Raymond Wood, A White-Bearded Plainsman: The Memoirs of Archaeologist W. Raymond Wood– Daniel J. Gelo

Matthew Richard Des Lauriers, Island of Fogs: Archaeological and Ethnohistorical Investigations of Isla Cedros, Baja California– Lee M. Panich

J. Michael Francis and Kathleen M. Kole, Murder and Martyrdom in Spanish Florida: Don Juan and the Guale Uprising of 1597– Paul E. Hoffman

Brian Klopotek, Recognition Odysseys: Indigeneity, Race, and Federal Tribal Recognition Policy in Three Louisiana Indian Communities– Jessica R. Cattelino

Robbie Ethridge, From Chicaza to Chickasaw: The European Invasion and the Transformation of the Mississippian World, 1540–1715– J. Frederick Fausz

Sheila Marie Contreras, Blood Lines: Myth, Indigenism, and Chicana/o Literature– SilverMoon

Heather McCrea, Diseased Relations: Epidemics, Public Health, and State-Building in Yucatán, Mexico, 1847–1924–Manuella Meyer

Gabriela Soto Laveaga, Jungle Laboratories: Mexican Peasants, National Projects, and the Making of the Pill– Terry Rugeley

Sabine Hyland, Gods of the Andes: An Early Jesuit Account of Inca Religion and Andean Christianity– Sarahh Scher

Guillermo Wilde, Religión y poder en las misiones de Guaraníes– Christine Mathias

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