Exoticism and the Culture of Exploration

An issue of: Eighteenth-Century Life

Exoticism and the Culture of Exploration
Journal Issue Pages: 236 Volume 26, Number 3 Published: 2002 An issue of Eighteenth-Century Life
Special Issue Editor(s): Robert P. Maccubbin, Christa Knellwolf
Historians use the phrase “the cult of the exotic” to describe the fascination with the foreign or strange that both led to and was intensified by the eighteenth century’s scientific and imperialistic ventures in the Pacific and elsewhere. This volume offers new historical contexts for encounters both real and imaginary and shows the evolution of Europeans’ ideas about themselves and those cultures they considered exotic. The essays draw on a wide variety of sources—art, architecture, scientific and literary works, journals and diaries, and the European popular cultural and political press—to explore eighteenth-century perceptions of the exotic and to demonstrate just how far-reaching “the cult of the exotic” was.

Contributors. Geraldine Barnes, Alexandra Cook, David Culpin, John Greene, Suzanne Kiernan, Christa Knellwolf, Adrian Mitchell, Lisa O’Connell, David Paxman, Ali Uzay Peker, Glynis Ridley, Nicholas Rogers, Walter Veit


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1. Introduction–Christa Knellwolf and Iain McCalman

2. The Exotic Frontier of the Imperial Imagination–Christa Knellwolf

3. The Exotic and the Creative Imagination in the 1690s: Charles Perrault’s Les Hommes illustres–D. J. Culpin

4. Measuring the Marvelous: Science and the Exotic in William Dampier–Geraldine Barnes and Adrian Mitchell

5. The Exotic and the Normative in Viaggi di Enrico Wanton alle Terre Australi Incognite by Zaccaria Seriman–Suzanne Kiernan

6. “Distance Getting Close”: Gesture, Language, and Space in the Pacific–David Paxman

7. “Matrimonial Ceremonies Displayed”: Popular Ethnography and Enlightened Imperialism–Lisa O’Connell

8. Caribbean Borderland: Empire, Ethnicity, and the Exotic on the Mosquito Coast–Nicholas Rogers

9. Western Influences on the Ottoman Empire and Occidentalism in the Architecture of Istanbul–Ali Uzay Peker

10. Goethe’s Fantasies about the Orient–Walter Veit

11. Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Exotic Botany–Alexandra Cook

12. Losing America and Finding Australia: Continental Shift in an Enlightenment Paradigm–Glynis Ridley

13. French Encounters with Material Culture of the South Pacific–John Patrick Greene

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