Export Controls in Transition

Perspectives, Problems, and Prospects

Export Controls in Transition

Book Pages: 363 Illustrations: Published: October 1991

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Like many cold war artifacts, the West’s export control policies and institutions are being reevaluated after the tumult in the communist world at the end of the 1980s. Policymakers and scholars are being forced to reexamine the premises of export control policy and the very concept of export controls as a tool of national security and foreign policy. This volume brings together expert scholars and government officials who provide contrasting perspectives and address the prospects for export controls.
The contributors discuss the role and function of export control policies from a variety of perspectives—security, commerce, diplomacy, the European region, and that of the newly industrialized countries. Among the topics covered are the problems the United States and the Western export regime will face in the 1990s in light of changing international political alliances and dependencies, in defining strategic exports, in enforcing export controls, and the role of the Coordinating Committee for Multilateral Export Controls.

Contributors. Sumner Benson, Beverly Crawford, Richard t. Cupitt, Dorinda G. Dallmeyer, Paul Freedenberg, Martin J. Hillenbrand, Hanns-Dieter Jacobsen, Bruce W. Jentleson, Kevin J. Lasher, William J. Long, Janne Haaland Matlary, Jere W. Morehead, Henry R. Nau, Han S. Park, Kevin F. F. Quigley, Alen B. Sherr, Christine Westbrook



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Gary K. Bertsch is Professor of Political Science and Co-Director of the Center for East-West Trade Policy at the University of Georgia. He is the editor of Controlling East-West Trade and Technology Transfers, also published by Duke University Press

Steven Elliott-Gower is Assistant Professor of Political Science and Assistant Director of the Center for East-West Trade Policy.

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Introduction / Gary K. Bertsch and Steven Elliott-Gower 1

Part I. Perspectives

1. The Security Perspective on Export Control Policy in the 1990s / Sumner Benson 9

2. The Commercial Perspective / Paul Freedenberg 37

3. Export Control Policy in the 1990s: The Diplomatic Perspective / Martin J. Hillenbrand 59

4. European Perspectives / Hanns-Dieter Jacobsen 73

5. NIC Perspectives / Han S. park 88

Part II. Problems and Prospects in the 1990s

6. Defining Strategic Exports in the 1990s: From Export Control to the Management of Technology Exchange / William J. Long 105

7. Enforcing Export controls: Improving the Effectiveness of U.S. and Multilateral Export Controls / jere W. Morehead 128

8. The Problem of Extraterritoriality in U.S. Export Control Policy / Dorinda G. Dallmeyer 148

9. U.S.-Soviet Joint Ventures and Export Control Policy / Christine Westbrook and Alan B. Sherr 169

10. Soviet-Western Energy Trade: From Trade Controls to Energy Interdependence? / Bruce W. Jentleson and Janne Haaland Matlary 203

11. The Future of COCOM / Richard T. Cupitt 232

12. Changing Export Controls in an Interdependent World: Lessons from the Toshiba Case for the 1990s / Beverly Crawford 249

13. U.S. Export Control Policy: Pressures, Problems, and Prospects for Reform / Kevin J. Lasher and Kevin F. F. Quigley 291

14. Conclusion: Export Controls in a Changing Strategic Context / Henry R. Nau 317

A Select Bibliography on Export Controls / Prepared by John K. Koontz 337

Contributors 343

Index 347
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