Feminism and Postmodernism

Feminism and Postmodernism

Book Pages: 320 Illustrations: Published: February 1994

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This collection of essays explores the significant agreements and tensions between contemporary feminist and postmodern theories and practices. Having brought enormous changes to conceptions of the body, identity, and the media, postmodernity compels the rethinking of many feminist categories, including female experience, the self, and the notion that "the personal is political." Feminist analysis has been equally important, though not always equally acknowledged, as a force within postmodernism. Feminist writings on subjectivity, master narratives, and the socioeconomic underpinnings of the master narrative of theory itself have been particularly influential. This volume traces the crossings and mutual interrogations of these two traditions into the arenas of cultural production, legal discourse, and philosophical thought.
Multidisciplinary and international in their collective focus, the essays range from a study of Madonna as an Italian American woman who is revising the cultural meanings of an ethnic feminism to a unique interview with Mairead Keane, the national head of the Women’s Department of the Irish political party Sinn Fein. Turning the prism of postmodern feminism onto such diverse cultural objects as literary and literary critical texts, contemporary film, and music, these essays intervene in debates regarding technology, sexuality, and politics. Challenging modern feminisms to articulate their inescapable relation to postmodern society, this expanded edition of a special issue of boundary 2 also explores ways in which feminism can work as the cutting edge of a global postmodernism.

Contributors. Salwa Bakr, Claire Detels, Margaret Ferguson, Carla Freccero, Marjorie Garber, Barbara Harlow, Laura E. Lyons, Anne McClintock, Toril Moi, Linda Nicholson, Mary Poovey, Andrew Ross, David Simpson, Kathyrn Bond Stockton, Jennifer Wicke



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Margaret Ferguson is Professor of English at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

Jennifer Wicke is Associate Professor of Comparative Literature at New York University.

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Acknowledgments v

Introduction: Feminism and Postmodernism or The Way We Live Now / Jennifer Wicke and Margaret Ferguson 1

Postmodern Identities and the Politics of the (Legal) Subject / Jennifer Wicke 10

Feminism and Postmodernism- Another View / Mary Poovey 34

Feminisms and Feminizations in the Postmodern / David Simpson 53

Feminism and the Politics of Postmodernism / Linda Nicholson 69

Ambiguity and Alienation in The Second Sex / Toril Moi 86

Screwing the System: Sexwork, Race, and the Law / Anne McClintock 103

Bodies and God: Poststructuarlist Feminists Return to the Fold of Spiritual Materialism / Kathryn Bond Stockton 129

"In the Golden Chariot Things Will Be Better" / Salwa Bakr 166

Our Lady of MTV: Madonna's "Like a Prayer" / Carla Freccero 179

Soft Boundaries and Relatedness: Paradigm for a Postmodern Feminist Musical Aesthetics / Claire Detels 200

Wet, Dark, and Low, Eco-Man Evolves from Eco-Woman / Andrew Ross 221

"Greatness": Philology and the Politics of Mimesis / Marjorie Garber 249

"At the End of the Day": An Interview with Mairead Keane, National Head of Sinn Fein Women's Department / Laura E. Lyons 276

Index 303

Contributors 311
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