Feminist Theory Out of Science

An issue of: differences

Feminist Theory Out of Science
Journal Issue Pages: 228 Volume 23, Number 3 Published: Fall 2012 An issue of differences
Special Issue Editor(s): Sophia Roosth, Astrid Schrader
Attending to the rich entanglements of scientific and critical theory, contributors to this issue scrutinize phenomena in nature to explore new territory in feminist science studies. With a special focus on relating theory to method, these scholars generate new feminist approaches to scientific practice. Contributors probe this relationship by way of topics from poetics of human-jellyfish interactions to a feminist reconsideration of a well-known thought experiment in thermodynamics. Two contributors analyze plant-insect encounter research to spin their own symbiotically inflected account of “affective ecologies.” Technologies of human memory storage and retrieval lead one writer to interrogate how our understandings of memory and amnesia are currently under revision. Another contributor tracks the lively evolutionary and morphological theories that textile artisans manifest in material models of sea creatures. What emerges from these diverse essays is an approach to critical thinking that inhabits, elaborates, and feeds upon scientific theory, holding feminist theory accountable to science and vice versa.

Sophia Roosth is Assistant Professor of the History of Science at Harvard University. Astrid Schrader is Visiting Assistant Professor of Science, Technology, and Society at Sarah Lawrence College.

Contributors: Karen Barad, Lina Dib, Eva Hayward, Carla Hustak, Vicki Kirby, Natasha Myers, Sophia Roosth, Astrid Schrader


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Feminist Theory Out of Science: Introduction - Sophia Roosth and Astrid Schrader

Evolutionary Yarns in Seahorse Valley: Living Tissues, Wooly Textiles, Theoretical Biologies - Sophia Roosth

The Forgetting Dis-ease: Making Time Matter - Lina Dib

Involutionary Momentum: Affective Ecologies and the Sciences of Plant/Insect Encounters - Carla Hustak and Natasha Myers

Haunted Measurements: Demonic Work and Time in Experimentation - Astrid Schrader

Sensational Jellyfish: Aquarium Affects and the Matter of Immersion - Eva Hayward


Initial Conditions - Vicki Kirby

On Touching—The Inhuman That Therefore I Am - Karen Barad

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