France and Islam

An issue of: French Historical Studies

France and Islam
Journal Issue Pages: 208 Volume 30, Number 3 Published: 2007 An issue of French Historical Studies
Special Issue Editor: Patricia Lorcin


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1. France and Islam: Introduction–Patricia M. E. Lorcin and Paula Sanders

2. Manuscripts and Mongols: Some Documented and Speculative Moments in East-West/Muslim-Christian Relations–Marianna Shreve Simpson

3. "Barbarossa and His Army Who Came to Succor All of Us": Ottoman and French Views of Their Joint Campaign of 1543-1544–Christine Isom-Verhaaren

4. Du Turc au traître: Les chevaliers de Saint-Jean-de-Jérusalem, les Ottomans et la France de François Ier dans L'oppugnation de Jacques de Bourbon–Pascale Barthe

5. "Au Coin des Rues Diderot et Moïse": Religious Politics and the Ethnography of Sufism in Colonial Algeria, 1871-1906–George R. Trumbull, IV

6. A Muslim Jamboree: Scouting and Youth Culture in Lebanon under the French Mandate–Jennifer M. Dueck


8. Recent Articles on French History–Jean-Pierre V. M. Hérubel

9. Abstracts

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