French Historical Studies 34:2

An issue of: French Historical Studies

French Historical Studies 34:2
Journal Issue Pages: 216 Volume 34, Number 2 Published: Spring 2011 An issue of French Historical Studies


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What Does a Deputy to the National Assembly Owe His Constituents? Coming to an Agreement on the Meaning of Electoral Mandates in July 1789–Robert H. Blackman

Planting Gardens, Planting Flags: Revolutionary France in the South Pacific –Carol E. Harrison

Shades of Whiteness: Petits-Blancs and the Politics of Military Allocations Distribution in World War I Colonial Cochinchina – Christina Firpo

Regional Republicans: The Alsatian Socialists and the Politics of Primary Schooling in Alsace, 1918–1939 – Alison Carrol

Across the Waves: Philippe Henriot's Radio War with the Free French at the BBC – Kay Chadwick

The Role of European Women and the Question of Mixed Couples in the Algerian Nationalist Movement in France, circa 1918–1962 – Neil MacMaster

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Recent Books and Dissertations on French History – Sarah Sussman

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