Gender and Personality

Current Perspectives on Theory and Research

Gender and Personality

Book Pages: 330 Illustrations: Published: November 1985

Gender and Sexuality > Sex and Sexuality

"This volume is . . . devoted to the question of how 'gender' is and (especially) should be, conceptualized in personality theory and research. It was designed for students and researchers. The idea . . . grew out of our conviction that 'gender' has played a curious and paradoxical role in personality theory and research to date."—from the Introduction


"Gender and Personality has a breadth and thoroughness that suggests it will stand as a marker for some years to come; it provides a comprehensive coverage of a perspective on gender that has not been treated systematically in recent years. The work is scholarly but not esoteric, and the breadth of coverage makes it a valuable sourcebook." — Kay Deaux

"I am enthusiastic about this work; with the strong introduction, the contents are approachable by the non-specialist and contain much of value on gender differences. The chapters link up well to similar discussions in all other disciplines. . . . All of the contents demonstrate a great variety and vitality." — Jean O'Barr


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Conceptualizing gender in personality theory and research / Abigail J. Stewart and M. Brinton Lykes 2

Gender differences in emotional development: A review of theories and research / Leslie R. Brody 14

Depression vs. paranoia: Why are there sex differences in mental illness? / Helen Block Lewis 62

Gender and victimization by intimates / Lenore E. Auerback Walker and Angela Browne 91

The measurement of masculinity and femininity: Engendering categorical realities / J. G. Morawski 108

Individuation and attachment in personality development: Extending Erickson's theory / Carol E. Franz and Kathleen M. White 136

Lives of women who become autonomous / Ravenna Helson, Valory Mitchell, and Barbara Hart 169

Sex and sex role effects on achievement strivings: Dimensions of similarity and difference / William P. Gaeddert 198

Individual differences in moral development: The relation of sex, gender, and personality to morality / Peter D. Lifton 218

Responsibility and the power motive in women and men / David G. Winter and Nicole B. Barnebaum 247

Gender and individualistic vs. collective bases for notions about the self / M. Brinton Lykes 268

Masculine/feminine: A personological perspective / Rae Carlson 296

Ironies in the contemporary study of gender / Deborah Belle 312

Index 319

Editors and contributors 325
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