general issue featuring fiction, poetry, criticism, and photography

An issue of: South Atlantic Quarterly

general issue featuring fiction, poetry, criticism, and photography
Journal Issue Volume 103, Number 1 Published: 2004 An issue of South Atlantic Quarterly
Special Issue Editor: Frank Lentricchia


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1. A Poem—Gordon Lish

2. Poems—M Sarki

3. The Image World of Mao II—William Noland

4. Mao II and the War on Terrorism—John Carlos Rowe

5. What Was That Unforgettable Line? Remembrances from the Rubbleheap—Derek Goldman

6. Canto—Gordon Lish

7. Cuban Stories—William Noland

8. Bauzá–Gillespie–Latin/Jazz: Difference, Modernity, and the Black Caribbean—Jairo Moreno

9. Poems—James Applewhite

10. Steinbeck and the Great Depression—Morris Dickstein

11. To Look: The Scene of the Seen in Edward Hopper—Wallace Jackson

12. Poems—Jay Parini

13. Writing As a Reader: The Deserted Village of Jay Parini—Fred Gardaphe

14. "Man to Man": Basketball, Movement, and the Practice of Masculinity—Thomas McLaughlin

15. Ash Wednesday and the Land between Dying and Birth—John Cunningham and Jason Peters

16. Wankerdom: Trainspotting As a Rejection of the Postcolonial?—Grant Farred

17. Ananomie of Criticism—Andrew DuBois

18. Lorenzo's Chrism—Thomas J. Ferraro

19. Grave Love: A Story—J. D. McAuliffe

20.Notes on Contributors

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ISBN Paperback: 978-0-8223-6555-6