GLQ 19:1

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GLQ 19:1
Journal Issue Pages: 144 Volume 19, Number 1 Published: 2013 An issue of GLQ


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Emotional Attachments and Secular Imaginings: Western LGBTQ Activism on Iran–Mitra Rastegar

Queering the Sexual Impasse in Seventeenth-Century “Imperfect Enjoyment” Poetry–Scarlet Bowen

The Substance of Borders: Transgender Politics, Mobility, and US State Regulation of Testosterone–Toby Beauchamp

“Permeable We!”: Affect and the Ethics of Intersubjectivity in Eve Sedgwick's A Dialogue on Love–Tyler Bradway

Queering the Carceral: Intersecting Queer/Trans Studies and Critical Prison Studies–Elias Walker Vitulli

The Samurai and the Goldfish–Scott de Groot

Criminalizing Queers–Clare Sears

Identity, Performativity and Queer Immigrant Bodies: A Dominican Perspective–David A. B. Murray

Imagining the Same-Sex-Loving Caribbean Imaginatively–Lawrence La Fountain-Stokes

The Virtue and Vicissitude of Queer Suburban Imagination–Kenneth Lythgoe

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