Hispanic American Historical Review 91:4

An issue of: Hispanic American Historical Review

Hispanic American Historical Review 91:4
Journal Issue Pages: 188 Volume 91, Number 4 Published: 2011 An issue of Hispanic American Historical Review


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“Asi lo paresçe por su aspeto”: Physiognomy and the Construction of Difference in Colonial Bogotá- Joanne Rappaport

“Pure and Noble Indians, Untainted by Inferior Idolatrous Races”: Native Elites and the Discourse of Blood Purity in Late Colonial Mexico-Peter B. Villella

Making Indigenous Archives: The Quilcaycamayoc of Colonial Cuzco-Kathryn Burns

Book Reviews

General and Sources

Maya Creation Myths: Words and Worlds of the Chilam Balam - Matthew Restall

Cancionero mariano de Charcas- María Gembero-Ustárroz

El odio y el perdón en el Perú: Siglos XVI al XXI-Gabriela Ramos

The Jesuits in Latin America, 1549 – 2000: 450 Years of Inculturation, Defense of Human Rights, and Prophetic Witness-Charlotte M. Gradie

Slavery in Brazil-Camillia Cowling

A son de caja de guerra y voz de pregonero: Los bandos de buen gobierno de Mérida, Venezuela, 1770 – 1810-Ernesto Capello

In Search of an Inca: Identity and Utopia in the Andes-Karen Spalding

Colonial Period

The War for Mexico's West: Indians and Spaniards in New Galicia, 1524 – 1550-Raphael Folsom

Cimarrones de Panamá: La forja de una identidad afroamericana en el siglo XVI-Karen Y. Morrison

Secret Science: Spanish Cosmography and the New World-Andrés I. Prieto

Death and Conversion in the Andes: Lima and Cuzco, 1532 – 1670-Alberto Zambrana

Indians and Mestizos in the “Lettered City”: Reshaping Justice, Social Hierarchy, and Political Culture in Colonial Peru.-Emily Berquist

Esclavos de la ciudad letrada: Esclavitud, escritura y colonialismo en Lima (1650 – 1700)-Rachel Sarah O'Toole

Priest-Indian Conflict in Upper Peru: The Generation of Rebellion, 1750 – 1780-David Cahill

Medicine and Politics in Colonial Peru: Population Growth and the Bourbon Reforms-Julia Rodriguez

National Period

Indigenous Citizens: Local Liberalism in Early National Oaxaca and Yucatán-Alicia Tecuanhuey Sandoval

Historia ambiental de Bogotá y la Sabana, 1850 – 2005- Andrés Guhl

Una historia ambiental del café en Guatemala: La Costa Cuca entre 1830 y 1902-Stuart McCook

The Invention of the Jewish Gaucho: Villa Clara and the Construction of Argentine Identity-Mónica Szurmuk

Crossing Borders, Claiming a Nation: A History of Argentine Jewish Women, 1880 – 1955-Raanan Rein

Historia de la clase media argentina: Apogeo y decadencia de una ilusión, 1919 – 2003-Karen Robert

The New Cultural History of Peronism: Power and Identity in Mid-Twentieth-Century Argentina

-Gregory Hammond

Mucha tela que cortar: La saga de una fábrica textil y la pugna de las familias Caballero y López por su control-Jorge Salazar-Carrillo

Peripheral Visions: Politics, Society, and the Challenges of Modernity in Yucatan-Sterling Evans

Se llamaba Elena Arizmendi-Francie Chassen-López

A Revolution for Our Rights: Indigenous Struggles for Land and Justice in Bolivia, 1880 – 1952-Robert Albro

Reckoning with Pinochet: The Memory Question in Democratic Chile, 1989 – 2006-Brian Loveman

Reckoning: The Ends of War in Guatemala-Jim Handy

International and Comparative

Trade and Trust in the Eighteenth-Century Atlantic World: Spanish Merchants and Their Overseas Networks-Emiliano Fernández De Pinedo

Atlantic Creoles in the Age of Revolutions-Matt D. Childs

The Coolie Speaks: Chinese Indentured Laborers and African Slaves in Cuba-Melina Pappademos

Allemandes au Chili-Stefan Rinke

This Land Wa

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