History of Political Economy 43:3

An issue of: History of Political Economy

History of Political Economy 43:3
Journal Issue Pages: 200 Volume 43, Number 3 Published: 2011 An issue of History of Political Economy


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Religion and Evolution in Progressive Era Political Economy: Adversaries or Allies?-Thomas C. Leonard

Hostage to Fortune: Edward Chamberlin and the Reception of The Theory of Monopolistic Competition-Nahid Aslanbeigui and Guy Oakes

Imperfect Competition and the Trade Cycle: Aborted Guidelines from the Late 1930s-Claude d'Aspremont, Rodolphe Dos Santos Ferreira, and Louis-André Gérard-Varet

The Offer-Curve Approach to Labor Market Analysis: From Marshall-Pigou over Robbins and Buchanan into Oblivion?-Gerhard Michael Ambrosi

Newtonian Science, Commercial Republicanism, and the Cult of Great Men in La Beaumelle's Pensées (1752)-Mircea Platon

On Blaug Ten Years Later-Pierangelo Garegnani

In Favor of Rigor and Relevance: A Reply to Mark Blaug-Heinz D. Kurz and Neri Salvadori

John Maynard Keynes-Bradley W. Bateman

The Development and Testing of Heckscher-Ohlin Trade Models: A Review-Christopher Bliss

Economists and Societies: Discipline and Profession in the United States, Britain, and France, 1890s to 1990s-Keith Tribe

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