Hooded Americanism

The History of the Ku Klux Klan, 3rd ed.

Hooded Americanism

Book Pages: 489 Illustrations: Published: March 1987

African American Studies and Black Diaspora, History > U.S. History, Theory and Philosophy > Race and Indigeneity

"The only work that treats Ku Kluxism for the entire period of it's existence. . . . the authoritative work on the period. Hooded Americanism is exhaustive in its rich detail and its use of primary materials to paint the picture of a century of terror. It is comprehensive, since it treats the entire period, and enjoys the perspective that the long view provides. It is timely, since it emphasizes the undeniable persistence of terrorism in American life."—John Hope Franklin


"Chalmers has steeped himself in the details of the KKK organization, personalities, and intrigue, and particularly their relation to the entire nation. . . . Chalmers has not only read widely; he has pondered the meaning and destiny of the Klan." — , American Historical Review

"Significant scholarship; a crucial work." — William E. Leuchtenberg , New York Times


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