I Stand in My Place With My Own Day Here

Site-Specific Art at The New School

I Stand in My Place With My Own Day Here

Book Pages: 304 Illustrations: 98 color illustrations Published: October 2019

Art and Visual Culture, Pedagogy and Higher Education

I Stand in My Place with My Own Day Here features essays by more than fifty renowned international writers who consider thirteen monumental works of art created for The New School between 1930 and the present. The nucleus of The New School's Art Collection, these commissions—ranking among the finest site-specific works in New York City—range from murals by José Clemente Orozco and Thomas Hart Benton to installations by Agnes Denes, Kara Walker, Alfredo Jaar, Glenn Ligon, Sol LeWitt, and Martin Puryear + Michael Van Valkenburgh, among others.

Providing a kaleidoscopic view into these works, this richly illustrated volume explores each installation through three to four essays written by critics, poets, and scholars from diverse fields including anthropology, mathematics, art history, media studies, and design. Their texts are complemented by three additional essays reflecting on each piece's art historical significance; the architectural contexts in which the works reside on the university's campus; and The New School's relationship to adventurous art practice. Also included is a roundtable discussion among leading arts educators and artists who reflect on the pedagogical potential of a campus-based contemporary art collection. The book's final section presents a history of each commissioned work, highlighted by archival images never before published.

Published by The New School. Distributed by Duke University Press.

Contributors. Saul Anton, Daniel A. Barber, Stefano Basilico, Carol Becker, Naomi Beckwith, Omar Berrada, Gregg Bordowitz, Tisa Bryant, Holland Cotter, Mónica de la Torre, Aruna D'Souza, Elizabeth Ellsworth, Julia L. Foulkes, Andrea Geyer, Kathleen Goncharov, Jennifer A. González, Michele Greet, Randall Griffey, Victoria Hattam, Pablo Helguera, Jamer Hunt, Anna Indych-López, Luis Jaramillo, Jeffrey Kastner, Robert Kirkbride, Lynda Klich, Carin Kuoni, Sarah E. Lawrence, Tan Lin, Lucy R. Lippard, Laura Y. Liu, Reinhold Martin, Shannon Mattern, Lydia Matthews, Maggie Nelson, Olu Oguibe, G. E. Patterson, Hugh Raffles, Claudia Rankine, Jasmine Rault, Heather Reyes, Frances Richard, Silvia Rocciolo, Carl Hancock Rux, Luc Sante, Mira Schor, Eric Stark, Radhika Subramaniam, Edward J. Sullivan, Roberto Tejada, Otto von Busch, Wendy S. Walters, Jennifer Wilson, Mabel O. Wilson


"The writings in this volume, just like artworks in the New School’s collection, each create their own universe. I Stand in My Place with My Own Day Here gives the reader access to a multiplicity of possibilities for engagement. Any library that supports research in postmodern/contemporary art, site-specific art, or comparative studies could benefit from including this book in their collection." — Rosemary K. J. Davis, ARLIS/NA


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Author/Editor Bios Back to Top

Frances Richard is author of Gordon Matta-Clark: Physical Poetics, coauthor of Odd Lots: Revisiting Gordon Matta-Clark's “Fake Estates,” and editor of Joan Jonas Is on Our Mind. She teaches at the California College of the Arts.

Lydia Matthews is Professor of Visual Culture at the Parsons School of Design, The New School.

Silvia Rocciolo and Eric Stark co-curated The New School Art Collection until Stark's retirement in 2018; Rocciolo is currently the collection's Director/Chief Curator.

Table of Contents Back to Top

Foreword: Co-Designing a Kaleidoscope/ Lydia Matthews 7

Introduction/ Sylvia Rocciolo and Eric Stark 11

Various, Humane, Political/ Holland Cotter 16

Schooled in the New: The Arts as Social Research/ Julia L. Foulkes 20

Living and Learning from the University Center to 66 West 12th Street; or, Arendt in Mar-a-Lago/ Reinhold Martin 26

Alvin Johnson/J.M. Kaplan Hall
66 West 12th Street 33

Thomas Hart Benton
America Today, 1930-31

From the New School to the Metropolitan Museum of Art: The Odyssey of Thomas Hart Benton's America Today/ Randall Griffey 43

The Ghost of Progress Past/ Luc Sante 47

Paid in Eggs/ Mira Schor 50

José Clemente Orozco
Call to Revolution and Table of Universal Brotherhood (The New School Mural Cycle), 1930-31

Orozco's New School Murals: Activating Revolutionary Thought/ Anna Indych-López and Lynda Klich 65

The Chains in Orozco's Murals/ Otto Von Busch 69

Center of Gravity: Orozco/ Roberto Tejada 72

Camilo Egas
Ecuadorian Festival, 1932

A Celebration of Dance/ Michele Greet 81

Celebration as Resistance/ Heather Reyes 84

New School Desires: "Poised Precisely Between Fantasy and Reality"/ Jasmine Rault 87

Gonzalo Fonseca
Untitled, 1961

Gonzalo Fonseca and Universalist Modernism/ Edward J. Sullivan 95

Solve et Coagula/ Hugh Raffles 99

When a Mural is a Blueprint/ Mónica de la Torre 102

Martin Puryear + Michael Van Valkenburgh
Vera List Courtyard, 1997

Vera List Courtyard: A Brief History/ Kathleen Goncharov 111

Inside Out: Outside In/ Sarah E. Lawrence 113

Seats of Tension: Collaboration, Access, Security Expression/ Laura Y. Liu

Vera List Courtyard and the Culture Wars/ Olu Oguibe 119

Dave Muller
Interpolations and Extrapolations, 2002-03
Extensions (Interpolations and Extrapolations), 2008

Interpolating and Extrapolating/ Stefano Basilico 127

Brand New/ Jeffrey Kastner 129

Identity Interpolated and Extrapolated/ Jamer Hunt 133

Arnold Hall
55 West 13th Street 137

Sol LeWitt
Wall Drawing #1073, Bars of Color (New School), 2003

#1073/ Tan Lin 143

LeWitt's Problem(s)/ Jennifer Wilson 144

One Sentence for Sol LeWitt/ Saul Anton 150

Kara Walker
Event Horizon, 2005

History's Worth of Fictions/ Mabel O. Wilson 158

On Kara Walker's Event Horizon/ Maggie Nelson 162

Black Atlantis/ Naomi Beckwith 167

Brian Tolle
Threshold, 2006

The Gentle Wind Doth Move Visibly/ Shannon Mattern 173

Unsettled/ Victoria Hattam 176

Of Two Minds/ Carin Kuoni 178

Quiet Possibilities of the Subjunctive/ G. E. Patterson 181

University Center
63 Fifth Avenue 185

Rita McBride
Bells and Whistles, 2009-14

Mnemonics and Pneumatics/ Robert Kirkbride 191

Ringing Bells, Blowing Whistles/ Daniel A. Barber 194

Breaking Out of School/ Elizabeth Ellsworth 198

Alfredo Jaar
Searching for Africa in LIFE, 1996/ 2014

Searching Blindly/ Radhika Subramaniam 207

An Absence That Conjures a Presence/ Omar Berrada 209

Alfredo Jaar: Dialect of Sight/ Jennifer A. González 213

The Blink of Failure: Imagining Life in Africa/ Tisa Bryant 216

Glenn Ligon
For Comrades and Lovers, 2015

Democratic Vistas of Space/ Carl Hancock Rux 225

Among the Throng: Glenn Ligon Situates Whitman/ Wendy S. Walters 227

Incantations/ Luis Jaramillo 229

For Comrades and Lovers: a dialogue/ Claudia Rankine 233

Agnes Denes
Pascal's Perfect Probability Pyramid & the People Paradox--The Predicament (ppppppp), 1980/2016

In Formation/ Aruna D'Souza 241

The one who is the one who is the one who is not many. Thoughts called forth by Agnes Denes's Pascal's Perfect Probability Pyramid & the People Paradox (ppppppp)/ Andrea Geyer 243

Agnes Denes: Promethea of Paradox/ Lucy R. Lippard 246

"Organized by Fascination": A Roundtable Conversation on Art, Institutions, and Pedagogy/ Carol Becker, Gregg Bordowitz, Pablo Helguera, and Lydia Matthews; Moderated by Frances Richard

Histories of the Commissions 266

Contributors 295

Index 300

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