Identity and Ethnicity in the Rural South : A Sociolinguistic View through Past and Present Be

An issue of: American Speech

Identity and Ethnicity in the Rural South
Journal Issue Volume 74, Number 5 Number: 83 Published: 1999 An issue of American Speech
PADS #83

Identity and Ethnicity in the Rural South investigates the interaction of cultural and ethnic identity as realized in language variation. Through the quantitative and qualitative analysis of sociolinguistic data on the past tense of the verb be and on its absence, this work explains the synchronic and diachronic trends of language variation and several important social factors, including ethnicity, sex, and cultural identity. This volume also informs the debates about the origins and contemporary synchronic relations of African American Vernacular English to other ethnic varieties.


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1. Goals, Methodology, and Sociolinguistic Variation

2. Sociohistorical Context and Ethnic Boundaries

3. Past-Tense be

4. Copula Absence

5. Speaker Identity and Sociolinguistic Variation

6. Variation in Sociolinguistic Patterns

7. References

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ISBN Cloth: 978-0-8223-6471-9