Ideology and Power in the Middle East

Studies in Honor of George Lenczowski

Ideology and Power in the Middle East

Book Pages: 542 Illustrations: Published: February 1988

Middle East Studies

Scholars from the United States, Canada, Europe, and the Middle East combine their talents and expertise to honor George Lenczowski, whose studies of the Middle East over two generations have made him a foremost expert on contemporary affairs in this most volatile and complex region.



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Forward - David Pierpont Gardner ix

Preface - Peter J. Chelkowski and Robert J. Pranger xi

The Life and Work of George Lenczowski - Peter J. Chelkowski 1

A Bibliography of the Publications and Lectures of George Lenczowski - Peter J. Chelkowski 5

Introduction: Ideology and Power in the Middle East - Robert. J. Pranger 14

Part 1: Royalist Authoritarianism

Iran: The Nature of the Pahlavi Monarchy - Gholam Reza Afkhami 31

Saudi Arabia: Traditionalism versus Modernism - A Royal Dilemma? - Hermann Frederick Eitls 56

Jordan: Balancing Pluralism and Authoritarianism - Peter Gubser 86

Labor Politics, Economic Change, and the Modernization of Autocracy in Contemporary Bahrain - Fred Lawson 115

Part 2: Radical and Reformist Military Regimes

Approaches to the Understanding of Egypt - Robert Springborg 137

Ba'thist Ethics and the Spirit of State Capitalism: Patronage and the Party in Contemporary Syria - Yahya M. Sadowski 160

Iraq: Its Revolutionary Experience under the Ba'th - Phebe Marr 185

State-Building and Political Construction in the Yemen Arab Republic, 1962-1977 - Robert Burrowes 210

Part 3: Marxist Movements and Governments

The Non-Communist Left in Iran: The Case of the Mujahidin - Sepehr Zabih 241

Ideology versus Pragmatism in South Yemen, 1968-1986 - Manfred Wenner 259

The PDPA Regime in Afghanistan: A Soviet Model for the Future of the Middle East - Ralph H. Magnus 274

Part 4: Challenges to Democratic Practices and Principles

Israel: The Politics of the Second Generation - Emmanuel Gutmann 299

Turkey: Democratic Framework and Military Control - Jacob M. Landau 313

Lebanon: The Role of External Forces in Confessional Pluralism - Edward Azar 325

Part 5: Islamic Fundamentalism

Ex Oriente Nebula: An Inquiry into the Nature of Khomeini's Ideology - Roger Savory 339

Part 6: Libertarian Movements

The PLO: Millennium and Organization - John Amos 365

Kurdish Nationalism - Arthur Campbell Turner 379

Part 7: Problems in Strategy and Security

The Persian Gulf: Stability, Access to Oil, and Security - John Duke Anthony 413

The Dimensions of American Foreign Policy in the Middle East - Robert J. Pranger 433

Notes 455

Index 507

About the Editors and Contributors 527
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