Imperial Decline

Russia’s Changing Role in Asia

Imperial Decline

Book Pages: 304 Illustrations: Published: April 1997

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This collection of essays by a distinguished group of international scholars is the first to analyze current Russian policies in China, Japan, and the two Koreas. Although Russia was a rising power in Asia a century ago, historical and political events since then have diverted attention from this potential site of development.
The essays in Imperial Decline describe the major changes that have occurred in Russia’s relations with China, Japan, and South Korea under Boris Yeltin’s presidency, speculating about both Russia’s future in the region and the impact this future could have on relations with the United States. Contributors to this volume demonstrate how incoherent taxation and investment, uncoordinated and contradictory economic policies, runaway inflation and currency instability, and problems of defense now constrain the possibility of Russia expanding its economic influence in the region. This book is essential for students and scholars of international relations, foreign policy, and Russian history.

Contributors. Stephen J. Blank, Bruce A. Elleman, Harry Gelman, Hongchan Chun , Rajan Menon, Alvin Z. Rubinstein, Oles M. Smolansky, Henry Trofimenko, Charles E. Ziegler


“[A] welcome addition to the growing literature on Russian foreign policy.” — , World Affairs

“[A]n authoritative explication of Moscow’s vexing dilemmas in Asia. Its breadth of analysis and accessibility make it a valuable text for non-specialists and undergraduates. Because it raises basic questions regarding Moscow’s relevance as a formidable geostrategic actor, the book will undoubtedly provoke further systematic inquiry into Russia’s precarious predicament in Asia.” — , Asian Thought and Society

“[M]ost informative, and the book is indispensable for students of Russia, Asia, and international politics.” — , Slavic Review

“If you are interested in Russian foreign policy in the post-Soviet era, buy this book. Imperial Decline is a collection . . . by well-respected scholars who focus on Russia’s relations in northeast Asia, with primary focus on China, Japan, the United States, and the two Koreas. . . Indispensable reading for scholars who focus on Russia [and] of even greater value to those whose interests lie in the political economy of East Asia but who often forget that Russia is an important regional actor.” — Douglas A. Borer, Perspectives on Political Science

“The analysis made by the contributors to this book provides an understanding of the complicated way post-Soviet foreign policy is shaped. [An] important and useful book. . . recommended for reading to any student of the contemporary problems of the development of Far Eastern countries and their relations with Russia.” — Lev Deliusin , The China Quarterly

“The essays in this volume are important both for their quality and because there is so little literature treating the region as a strategic whole. . . . [A] great value of the book is the many questions it provokes but necessarily leaves unanswered. . . . This book is essential reading for anyone concerned with US strategy in Asia.” — , Parameters

“This book presents the latest and best scholarship concerning Russian policy toward Northeast Asia. The individual chapters embody high-quality, original research and will be especially useful to scholars and students in the fields of Russian foreign policy and Asian security.” — Paul Marantz, University of British Columbia

“The essays in Imperial Decline cover significant new ground regarding a topic that is certain to grow in importance in the coming months and years.” — Ross H. Munro, Foreign Policy Research Institute


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Stephen J. Blank is MacArthur Professor of Research, U.S. Army War College. Alvin Z. Rubinstein is Professor of Political Science at the University of Pennsylvania.

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Preface 1

What is Asia to Russia? 5

Russia and the Asia-Pacific Region: Politics and Polemics / Ole M. Smolansky 7

Russian and China in Central Asia / Stephen J. Blank 40

Russian and China 63

Russia Looks at China / Stephen J. Blank 65

Russian Foreign Policy in the Chinese Context / Bruce A. Elleman 99

Russia and Japan 127

Russo-Japanese Relations: Implications for Northeast Asian Security / Rajan Menon 129

The Korean Peninsula 153

Russia's Relations with North Korea / Alvin Z. Rubenstein 155

The Russian Federation and South Korea / Honghchan Chun and Charles E. Ziegler 185

Russia and the United States 211

Implications for the United States of Russia's Far East Policy / Harry Gelman 213

U.S.-Russian Relations in East Asia: A View from Moscow / Henry Trofimenko 244

Conclusion 272

Index 285

Contributors 295
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